Public Speaking

To overcome the fear of public speaking, it is necessary to identify the causes that produce it and see if these reasons are valid in themselves. The fear of public speaking increases due to continuous thoughts that something unpleasant or humiliating could happen to us. There are also some misconceptions that worsen things and that we will see below. Public speaking doesn’t have to be an activity that results in fear and worry when you know some key concepts. Among the causes of the fear of public speaking are: the possibility of making a mistake the possibility of saying something wrong can we stay blank and not remember what we should say. People may mock us reality is that, most of these things don’t happen. Even if something like this happens, there are techniques for public speaking to deal with such circumstances. All these fears are based on things that have not happened yet and be constantly thinking about them you’re training your mind to commit them.

The best thing would be to train your mind in a positive way to counteract these fears and concentrate on giving the public a value through your presentation content. Now let’s mention some principles that will help you overcome the fear of public speaking: 1. do not have to do it perfect. It is erroneous to think that you should feel 100% prepared to speak in public and that if you don’t do it perfectly then you can’t be successful. Between most perfect want to be speaking in public, more will increase your fear. The public is not expecting perfection, rather they want to hear something that adds value. If your presentation touch points that they are interested in and gives them value, not imported to them all that you forget about something, they say a word wrong or you have said something stupid.