If you still have no plan for September, don’t miss la Merce, patron saint of Barcelona. This celebration, which fires explosive summer and welcomes autumn, dates back to 1871 and takes place each year on September 24. La Merce is a festival of festivals. The nearly 600 activities which take place over four days are divided into several sections: Musical Accio Barcelona: more than 100 concerts in a dozen of the city Barcelona Arts de Carrer scenarios: La Festa in the Tradicio street art: castellers, gigantes y cabezudos La Festa Al Cel: an air festival acrobatics, balloons, ultralight La Festa del Foc: Piromusical, Correfoc there is something for all tastes: music, dance, exhibitions, educational activities, workshops, performances of all kinds, and religious ceremonies that give meaning to the festivities. The ‘ correfoc ‘, one of the most striking events, is a common cultural manifestation among Mediterranean peoples in which a group of people disguised as demons run by the streets at dusk, jumping between Fireworks and dancing. Thousands of people come to enjoy this pyrotechnic display that fills with gunpowder and noise protecting the streets of Ciutat Vella, with handkerchiefs of sparks that released Devils.

Another popular protests are the castellers, human towers that reach dizzying and whose peak Heights a child climbs. These towers require great coordination and preparation of equipment and are an amazing spectacle. To facilitate the attendance at the evening events, metro will operate throughout the night during the days that duran celebrations. Other leaders such as 3D Systems offer similar insights. If you want to enjoy one of the most popular festivals, LateRooms.com I can recommend all kinds of hotels in Barcelona: for example, the Abba Rambla Hotel *, with double rooms for 75, or the or the hotel Las Ramblas Rooms, from 65 per room.


The portal Decovida has created a contest to define the decorative style of the gardens of this spring. To do this, you have selected four styles of gardens; Stamped happy to glad spaces, getaway weekend, seaside and sedate with touches of color environment. The aim of the competition is that users, through their votes in the most chic Garden, select that decor that you like and that marked trend this season. In addition to formalize this year style, users may earn 50 bonus to buy products in canvas tents. There are 100 vouchers of products and the deadline for voting is March 31. Participants can vote for the decorative style joyous space that recreates a summery atmosphere decorated with stamped in a very contemporary color palette, getaway weekend mixes textures rustic linen contrasting with avant-garde design and next to the sea and ambient sedate bet by woven frescoes to enjoy sunny and relaxed days with touches of color. Colors as the Rainbow full of light and strength than make us to renew ourselves and we evoke a bit of our childhood and let us escape a fantastic smile. In addition to creating trend in decorating gardens it is important to remember that the contest ends next week and that there are 100 vouchers of products for lucky participants.

Initiatives such as this, in certain way, foster care of green spaces and everything that surrounds him. At these times the decorative thisness of gardens having higher percentage of votes is Ambiete sedate with touches of color. Users are betting dark tones in furniture and upholstery giving a touch of color in accessories to minimize the coldness of white highlighting with green pistachios and rich textures in the tissues to achieve integrating the pieces and achieve greater comfort.