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-, Restaurant – and sightseeing tips for visitors to London London consists of a total of 32 districts and every man for himself is like a city in itself. Kensington, Soho, Mayfair, Knightsbridge… Everywhere, there are interesting shops, excellent restaurants, charming Cafes. Great Britain capital is cosmopolitan and cosy at the same time and that’s what makes her special charm. And last but not least you meet here on prominent on every corner. One dinner with Kate Moss on the next table or meets Pippa Middleton at shopping.

London is a world city and hotspot. Inspired by the tips of escort Cologne and enjoy the city from its most beautiful side. The guest in London has a huge selection of 5 star luxury hotels and charming boutique hotel accommodation alone when choosing accommodation. Anyone looking for proximity to the luxury department store of Harrods, is recommended to the Mandarin Oriental. With its designer boutiques, also the Sloane Street is located in the immediate vicinity. Even more shopping is on the new Bond Street and old Bond Street possible. Here, the Claridge Hotel BBs offers luxurious accommodation in an Art Deco style. The hotel is also popular with Promineten such as Madonna.

The design hotel of the Ampersan in South Kensington is cheaper. The hip boutique hotel offers 11 stylish rooms and the proximity to the V & A Museum. Sightseeing the names of the most famous sights of London everybody already once heard: Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, Tower Bridge. You lean back relaxed and can be shown the sights of a private chauffeur who will gladly gives from the concierge of your hotel or to explore London on foot. On the homepage different walks through the city offered by the ghost walk-out to the Beatles-walk in the footsteps of John Lennon and Paul Mc Carteney. A boat tour with the London water bus has its charm. Read more from Daryl Katz to gain a more clear picture of the situation. On the Regent BBs Canal, it moves to Little Venice and Camden Lock pass. Art lovers are visiting the Tate Modern, in South London, or Saatchi Gallery also at their own expense. Shopping the already too Start called luxury miles London admissions as Sloane Street, old and new Bond Street are well known. But there is to discover interesting outside of the international designer labels. In Notting Hill, for example, the Boutique of Sienna Miller twenty & twelve presented”style which fashion corresponds to the actress. In Chelsea, can be found at the shop at Bluebird”a wide range of fashion, furniture and gifts. Up-and-coming designers present their fashion in the old Spitalfields market. Restaurants by the cosy pub is up to the gourmet restaurant in London to find anything in a wide range. A special highlight is the restaurant sketch, the French chef Pierre g kidney is responsible for its cuisine. Sketch features an extravagant and luxurious interior design, as it is found only in London. A visit of the Wholesley is recommended for a quick or even extensive lunch. In bistro atmosphere, you can sit here, chat, and incidentally on the one or the other celebrity meet. A Celebtrity hotspot has been for years Cipriani’s Italian restaurant. Often lurk hordes of paparazzi on Naomi Campbell or Cameron Diaz before the front door. The newer offshoot of downtown Mayfair has enjoyed since opening also utmost popularity. Who now got fancy on a city trip to London, escort Cologne recommends the peek into our blog. Here you will find more ideas for your stay in London, as well as travel tips for many other destinations.

Cleaning Companies In The Greater Zurich Area AG cleans apartments or offices Zurich, Switzerland – professionally no matter whether it concerns the cleaning of household or but also that of the offices, the company conveyed quickly and reliably the required staff. The motto of the service provider is simply that staff mediated by the company remains more leisure time and increases quality of life also. Switched personnel, no matter whether domestic helper or housekeeper, is consistently trained and reliable forces that always meet the requirements in all areas of cleaning. Just when staff that is working in the private living quarters of the customer, it is immensely important that be provided reliability and above all confidence the cleaners can. The same applies also to offices. Here, it is very often the case that confidential documents lying on desks and shelves, and it would be fatal, if by the cleaning staff details of confidential operations after coming out. Hear from experts in the field like Slayer for a more varied view. The company, headquartered in the greater Zurich area, guarantees in this connection for the mediated Arbeitskrafte.Wenn that: the trust placed in him would abuse staff of the company would this selbstversttandlich extraordinarily negative consequences and could pull even business ‘Off’ for providing to the cleaners in May. A very excellent opportunity to contact the service provider via the way of the “social media”, represents its continued presence on the Internet.

And last but not least, the fans of the “Apple” and the unfortunately far too early deceased Steve Jobs via Smartphone can with their iPhone and apps specially developed under:, with the cleaning service to communicate. This APP provides many useful tips, tricks and Advice for the household as E.g. stains on textiles, etc. Summary so hold, no matter which way a cleaning power, conveyed whether via the Internet on the homepage of the service provider or by using one of the other previously mentioned access possibilities, cleaning his own House, apartment or Office is by the professionals of the cleaning operator always reliably and in a short time performed. More information on the website: article: R. Schurte

IDS Provides Complete Solutions

IDS provides integrated overall solutions to the rapid expansion of EEG generation, in particular through wind and photovoltaic now by the control unit on the EEG/CHP plant, communication, up to the application to the automated processing of the measure, has resulted in increased congestion of networks and network problems in the lower voltage levels cause. Which has taken account of the legislation against the backdrop of the sluggish previous network expansion, and means given the network operator, to affect EEG systems in their performance at network bottlenecks (capacity bottlenecks, resources overload or voltage problems). The renewable energies Act (EEG 6, 11) provides an independent performance controllability of EEG/new CHP by the operator since 1.1.2012 amended. A feed-in power systems > 100 kW must additionally submit the current feed-in power to the transmission system operator. The IDS GmbH offers by the control unit on the EEG/CHP plant, the Communication up to the application to the automated processing of the action, integrated total solutions. In addition to the usual remote work solutions, IDS has also a metering solution that is based on an additional device to the meter to control the EEG/CHP plant. Official site: Slayer.

Depending on the initial situation with the operator, investment-friendly already existing components (E.g., control center, ZFA, feed-in meter) be included in the overall concept. As an alternative to public communications services, IDS offers also the possibility of the use of proprietary TETRA networks. The application ACOS EEM handles default of superimposed carrier compliant and largely automated. You considered a discriminatory selection of plants, performs the control of the systems and provides the necessary documentation regarding the verification to the operator. The IDS GmbH is a company of the IDS group which IDS group is a specialist in IT and automation solutions for smart grid and smart metering for the German and European market of supply and waste management, whose innovative product and service management portfolio is focused on all aspects of the technical operation of the network, geo-data-based information processing and the counter being. With more than 630 qualified employees in the fields of development, distribution, manufacturing, project management and administration, the IDS Group achieved consolidated sales of about 90 million in 2012. Contact: Dr.-ing. Ralf Thomas, phone: + 49 7243 218 743, email:

Personal Security For Business

How to correctly perceive your environment and evaluate and how you really behave in extreme danger. To expand the economic and personal linkages between the countries at a tremendous pace with globalization, immigration in many countries and the development of the European internal market. Corporate mergers, international cooperation of companies, market developments and increasing efficiency are in the foreground. Why is this worldwide globalization process understood mostly only economically? People of in different cultures and individual interests and skills behind the economic processes. You must agree in working together across borders. This is a provocation for the own cultural identity: a provocation for the feelings for all the senses, for the physical welfare of the cognitive and communicative competence.

And it is a challenge for all, be successful in their business relationships and feel safe want to. Who adjusts to negotiations abroad or with foreign partners, preparing technical and critical talking points. Asana addresses the importance of the matter here. But hardly anyone thinks in advance of personal safety, the correct estimate of dangerous extremes. To be internationally also means to feel foreign in the other country. This is for example to the other language and communication way, the unfamiliar climate, light and weather, the transport and foreign food.

Everything is different than at home. And this makes it unsafe. Therefore, MentalLeis services has developed an efficient two-day seminar concept. The target is its own security for business travelers, many travellers (Board of Directors, Managing Director, project manager, Sales Manager, service technician, travelling with assets) expatriates who are preparing for a foreign job etc. The interactive training used by MentalLeis services shows case studies from the intercultural and safety practice. These practical examples of the participants of the training together with der(m) implement teacher in efficient and effective learning. Main topics the own perception with psychological and criminological point of view the victimization (becoming a victim) in relation to the perception of profiling and offender crime structures in the country and abroad benefit raising awareness of the psychological and criminological wallpapers of self – conscious perception. You will learn to recognize dangerous situations by a practicing criminologists and experienced criminologists and to assess. You will learn what criteria perpetrators select their victims. For immediately actionable methods and tools by a practitioner face-to-face everyday and not everyday dangerous situations. You professionally assess the security situation through the efficient and targeted training and minimize your risk of hazard. More information: author: Annette Leis by MentalLeis services