Astrology Proserpine

During the passage of Pluto in Sagittarius babies are born, the Soul which in a past life incarnations, also participated in numerous religious wars, crusades, etc. These children with Pluto in Sagittarius (religious warriors in previous birth) when they grow up, start a global religious war on Earth. Now the religious wars are local in nature and are insignificant compared with what will happen when the generation with Pluto in Sagittarius will be adults and begin to rule the world. Proserpine entered the zodiacal sign of Scorpio in 1982. She would go on the Scorpio until 2040. Scorpio, in addition to its other properties and qualities associated with death, destruction physical body, transformation.

Proserpine manages transmutation, rebirth, global change and immortality. During the passage of Proserpine on Scorpio the problem of death of the human body will practically solved. Medical and biological sciences unusually quickly find ways to stop the destruction of the body. Will be achieved practical immortality of the physical body, a significant prolongation of his life. Proserpine is on the Scorpio is only since 1982, and has already created a lot of research technologies that help prolong the life of the human body and youth. This cloning of humans and animals (physical bodies), stem cells, nanotechnology in medicine, etc.

To 2040 goals during the passage of Proserpine __planety revival and transmutation of Scorpio, the sign of death and rebirth – will create an entirely new science – medical technology in the field extension life, intensive care and preservation of youth. Physical body of man becomes almost immortal. In addition, this contributes to the era of Aquarius – the era of rapidly advancing scientific discoveries (revolutionary, in fact) at all areas. This critical care medicine, gerontology, etc. The full range of Zodiac Proserpine passes for 665 years, Pluto for 248.5 years. When 665 years ago, Proserpine went to Scorpio, was not made significant discoveries. Then there was the Age of Pisces – The era of the Faith. At this time in the Middle Ages, scholars were burning at the stake Inquisition. Now the Age of Aquarius – the revolutionary era, the global scientific discoveries, the quantity and quality which will increase the rate of geometric progression.