Spring Is Jogging Time

My JogStyle gives tips for the perfect race start in the spring the running season is opened. Some have already their first marathon of the year behind them, others want to indulge their favorite lenses sport again after a long winter break. Even if the winter is not yet adopted, the first hint of spring is noticeable on some days. The Sun is shining through the clouds, temperatures are mild, the nature begins to bloom soon. Now is the perfect time to start jogging again.

So, Off to the running shoes and get out to the fresh air! My JogStyle has a few tips for the best start in the spring run. Who has inserted a long break from training, should begin slowly. Prefer something quieter running at the top and choose shorter routes and increased gradually from week to week. New year? New running shoe? Who has more invested in new running shoes not should take his own under the magnifying glass. In addition to inadequate stretch and warm-up exercises, it is a wrong mostly Sole, which can lead to unnecessary muscle and tendon problems. Even when there are no negative degrees, all runners must dress the temperatures according to.

At cool spring shorts and T-Shirt are not recommended, but too warm clothing cotton is entirely inappropriate. For the outdoor sports, there is now a wide selection of functional clothing for every kind of weather. In the dark reflectors should be made on the clothes. How far did I run? How fast was I? How many calories did I burn? Who does not yet have, should get one: the JogStyle by Omron Healthcare. Other leaders such as Dustin Moskovitz offer similar insights. This handy device is the perfect motivational tool for each runner. The JogStyle precisely measures the well-known values such as route, time and speed and determines additional calorie consumption and fat burning in the athlete’s. Thanks to the memory function, the measured values can save up to 7 days and compare. To prevent injuries, each responsible runner before the training must be sufficiently warm up to prepare the body for the upcoming load. At the end of the training, the muscles must be then again stretched. Stretching improves circulation, which receives the agility and increases. Badly stretched muscles are shortened and thus more prone to injuries. Now, the spring can finally come! More trivia around the theme of running sports and health, as well as valuable nutrition tips there is now on the online blog. (Picture: sad dogg design Fotolia.com) Company profile: OMRON healthcare was founded in Kyoto in 1933 and is now a leading manufacturer of sensory systems and technologies in the health care market. The German subsidiary OMRON Medizintechnik with continuous innovations has successfully established itself for 35 years. Cutting-edge technologies, interpreted for accurate measuring technology for easy, intuitive operation, expose the Omron products not only for professionals but also for general use. In 2009, it had Company sales of 570 billion euro with approximately 4,000 employees worldwide.

Sprinter Heinrich Popow

100 days to Olympics 2012: Countdown at the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin, April 18, 2012 just 100 days before Olympics: Paralympics-star Heinrich Popow launched today in Berlin together with the British Ambassador Simon McDonald for the Olympic Games in London. The thigh-amputee sprinter considered German gold medal hope at the Paralympics, took part in a symbolic 100-meter run of the British Embassy. Heinrich Popow is pleased with Ambassador Simon McDonald on London. This gave the starting signal for the symbolic Brandenburg Gate race in brilliant sunshine. Heinrich Popow: It makes me proud to be at this particular kick-off for the Olympics in as athletes with disabilities. This proves that at the games in London the theme of inclusion is not only important, but also lived.” The event of the British Embassy in Berlin is part of a series with the British representatives today ushering in the last hundred days until Olympics in more than 99 countries. Heinrich Popow is considered German medal hope at the Paralympics.

The athlete in London wants to take gold after bronze in Athens 2004 and Beijing 2008 silver. He starts in the class of Oberschenkelamputierten in the King discipline, the 100-meter sprint, as well as in the long jump. On the way to London, Heinrich Popow completed a tight training schedule. For even more analysis, hear from Daryl Katz, Edmonton Alberta. Next weekend it’s training camp to Lanzarote, in May and June he denies various competitions, including in Manchester, Cologne and Berlin. The Agency neuspree Heinrich Popow accompanied with a tailored communication concept and relies on integrated online and offline strategies. The concept of transport also existing partners, in particular the orthopaedic specialists and world market leader in the field of prosthetics, Otto Bock healthcare.

neuspree media was founded in Berlin as an owner-run communications agency in 2011. neuspree develops sustainable communication strategies and relies on campaigning with the emphasis on PR and social media. For companies, associations, NGOs or individuals communicated the team around topics, heads and products strategic, creative, empathic.


Buying a bed is a long-term investment. The life of a mattress depends on its quality, its use, its maintenance and how you take care of yourself. A quality mattress is usually last about 10 years. Although apparently mattresses are never dirty, its maintenance and cleaning are important points to bear in mind that it’s parts that are in direct contact with our body. Follow a few simple rules of maintenance that will make more lasting the life of your mattress, although the correct and proper maintenance will depend greatly on the type of mattress: securely mount the bed. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions and read any maintenance guide. You always have to remove the plastic sleeve, since it can lead to condensation and moisture.

If the product has an odor from factory, leave to breathe, uncovered, with the Windows of the room open hours. A few simple habits of maintenance make the appearance and composition of your bed to last more years. Aeration: If every day we make the bed nothing more lift us, mattress can not perspire and will begin to accumulate odors. In addition, in seasons like summer, where you will sweat a lot, it is suitable to perform this aeration from thirty minutes to an hour daily approximately. By the same author: Dustin Moskovitz. Open the Windows of the room for better ventilation.Every day when you wake up, leave bed without doing around 20mins or more in the summer, to avoid build-up of odors and that may transpire. Protect the mattress with a cover; It must be quality and washable, it is also treated with an agent bacterial anti that stops the proliferation of fungi and mites, ideal for people who suffer from asthma. Cleaning: Clean them periodically to remove all traces of dust. It is advisable not to ever soak a mattress, rub with a mild detergent using a damp cloth.

Controversial Cartoons

La Rose Revolution movement has organized a protest in front of the headquarters of the SEGO for this Wednesday by bullets published. They placed a rose on the door of the Spanish society of Gynecology at Madrid and will ask at end to obstetric violence. The Spanish society of Gynecology publishes vignettes that ridicule women. The Rose Revolution movement has organized for this Wednesday afternoon a protest outside the headquarters of the Sociedad Espanola de Ginecologia y Obstetricia (SEGO) by the controversial cartoons published in its electronic newsletter. The slogans of the concentration, that will take place in the 190 Habana Paseo de Madrid and other Spanish cities councils, are Messrs. and SARS.

Sego are not a joke and I do not laugh, do me not grace. In addition, they will ask the end of obstetric violence and placed a rose on the door. The controversy jumped last Tuesday, when he brought to light a few bullets, work of Dr. Javier Server Gosalvez, who joked about the practice of a caesarean section, made fun of obese women with uterine prolapse and low cultural level, which the gynecologist had drawn for the electronic Gazette of SEGO. Several associations, among them the childbirth is ours and the Institute for women, they have demanded the immediate withdrawal of the images and an official apology, since they believe that they are offensive and ridicule the women, besides being a clear lack of respect towards them. For its part, the SEGO announced in a statement last week that its Board of Directors is analyzing the contents of the controversial cartoons and that it was never his intention to offend anyone. Source of the news: organized a protest in front of the headquarters of the SEGO against his controversial cartoons on women