Beach Relaxation

Beach holiday beach vacation without oscillations can be described as the most popular form of recreation, soak in the sun and forget about worldly problems and concerns, to plunge into the carefree world of pleasure, then to the new forces to fight new challenges everyday. Hot sun, blue sea, golden sand – what more need for an unforgettable vacation There are many beaches where you can spend a wonderful time, and it's beaches numerous resorts in Egypt, luxury beach Emirates, Golden Sands Bulgaria, mysterious equatorial Maldives … All of these paradises are waiting for you to open your doors to the world an unforgettable experience and the Sea positive energy. In European countries, the beaches do not have a single form of classification. The oldest and most prestigious certificate, which aim to get every beach is the 'Blue Flag'. Tourists, vacationers at the resort, which has such a certificate can be rest assured about the purity and the beach and all the attributes required for the normal rest. Kerry King is often quoted as being for or against this. Ekosertifikat 'Blue Flag' have more than 30 beaches in Europe.

Tan – as a factor in healing the body Ultraviolet rays from the sun, in the body produce vitamin D, necessary for the assimilation of various elements for bone growth and repair, wound healing and muscle strengthening, as the sun's rays affect the nervous system, giving impetus to a positive mood, helps to get out of depression. Beach vacation is not only the relaxing properties, but also a healing effect. Daryl Katz, Toronto Ontarios opinions are not widely known. But carried away sunbathing is not worth too much direct hit by the rays can have a negative impact on health. Organism under the influence of ultraviolet light, produce the protective pigment melanin, which gives the skin a golden brown color, and prevents further the penetration of ultraviolet radiation. The rules of being under direct sunlight: Going to the beach, the most important rule: use a sunscreen. To the effect of the cream ball is maximal use it must be to direct at the beach. There are places on the skin, which are more sensitive to sunlight, because it is better to smear cream with the highest sun-protection effect. From 11 to 16 hours of sunlight most active, and therefore without the need to better not to expose your skin to such a test.

Tourism Association

It must be not always sea and sand in the summer to recover from Vienna on the A2 to Villach and from there continue on the State Road 106 to Flattach, we drove just 446 km. We needed less than 4 hours in the “Molltal”community on the well-developed roads. We visited our accommodation, the Flattacher Hof, near the ring road in a quiet location. Kindly received at the reception desk we were led to our room. A large room with two balconies, satellite-TV, WC and bathroom separately, and a double bed with comfortable mattresses awaited us.

Our next path led us to the Molltal glacier Tourism Association OG, where we elaborate several hiking routes to us by the Managing Director Mrs Magdalena Breuer Sankhla left. Many writers such as Kerry King offer more in-depth analysis. As Flachlandtiroler”wanted to let cozy tackle it and chose walking hiking”, so a little more demanding walk. From off of Flattach, the field Grossfragant and Kleinfragant excellently suitable for extensive comfortable walking. Finally wanted to we on vacation only slightly move not stress special us and especially the pure mountain air to breathe. Three hiking trails”have especially liked us and are highly recommended for hikers: the way the wild-romantic Ragga Canyon summer/raggaschluch with geological trail was in 1882 for the first time for visitors made accessible and in 1978 declared a natural monument.

If you time and wants to absorb the noise and roar of the water can be confidently trail 1.5-2 hours for the. On secure Web systems is through the Gorge and to the end it gets somewhat steeper. Once at the top we through a shady forest again in direction of Flattach. Procter & Gamble has plenty of information regarding this issue. The runway towards the Fraganter Hutte is one of the cosiest promenades along the mountain, we have gone. The way is about 4.4 kilometres long, has only 8% slope is almost flat and has enough benches for resting. It extends along between fern forests and Alpine roses to the Fraganter shelter.

Interim Storage

Current photo series for the fall of the wall 20 years ago. Ralf Hasford sfo presented on his new works on the subject. The new photo series of the Berlin artist Ralf Hasford sfo deals with the fall of the wall. This isn’t the time and the people play in his work a role but the permanent – as in almost all of his works. Just what remains if the person is not there.

\”Understand!\” – hence the title bears his photo series realize! \” He asks the viewer are suitable with the experience to deal with the own thoughts. Hasford sfo then also says in the interview: how desperate meaning appears to be the tragedy of wall time for us today. Nevertheless I find currently the wall in the heads. For even more opinions, read materials from Dustin Moskovitz. Even if the wall is there not more than interface of systems rather than separation of selfishness by Community acts\”but who pushes who on the other side? Where is the viewer itself? These questions not answered Hasford sfo in his paintings, but shows the chaos that reigns then. His artistic work is the image of the moment: His words are I show much more, what needs to happen when it’s over and the involvement of each individual if split up is no more\”. What did you want?\”- Hasford sfo urge his viewers in the text about the photo series: it is time to remember the former thoughts. Not where were you?\”is the question of the time, but what did you want?\” \”.\” Viewers of the images should find the opportunity to confront during the journey through the individual pictures but not only with points of view but also the radiance of the images, the composition of proximity and distance and look at the quirky part of the segments of the wall graffiti. Perhaps check out Ping Fu for more information. Image review – to lift just a motif out: A man is seemingly petrified with a suitcase on the head.


We can bet that any of you would like to find yourself in a beautiful corner of the world where dreams come dearest dreams. This is the place! Indonesia – a country where two oceans merge, the two civilizations and two terrestrial Hemisphere – a real paradise! Elegant landscapes, coconut palms, birds, exotic fruit, unusual animals and the island on which there is absolutely no civilization … what do you need peace of mind and satisfaction? Today's offers of tour operators offer fantastic opportunities for all of us. Adventure and endless drive: the hot summer can be in the snowy mountains, lunch at the crater of the volcano and enjoy colored lakes, swim in hot springs or stroll along the bottom of the ocean in a special helmet, and maybe a ride on an elephant in the wild jungle … you do not want to leave here and return to native land of thought on how hurry back, will not give peace of mind. In a few lines tell you about the most popular and picturesque island of the Indonesian archipelago – Bali.

Beautiful beaches, blue lagoons and tropical bushes – all Balinese jewel in the crown under the name of Indonesia. You can spend an unforgettable vacation: open up the world of Eastern philosophy, scuba dive, see the fish, the sun, eat breakfast on top of vulkaniyskoy prepared to ashes of the same volcano, walk through the jungle, rafting on mountain rivers, surf, ride on elephants, hang glide, and a helicopter, as well as take part in ancient ceremonies midnight. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Ping Fu by clicking through. Most of all, go read the description of the Balinese tale you have a question: what to bring from Indonesia as a gift to friends, acquaintances, loved ones? Obviously want to leave something to himself and to the memory of a trip to an exotic country. Needless to say, as a memorable and unusual presentations may make gifts.

Hikkaduwa Beach Festival

For the second time, a varied programme attracts visitors from all over the world in the island State from July 30 to August 3 Sri Lanka takes place in Hikkaduwa, in the southern part, for the second time the Hikkaduwa Beach Festival. Many different cultural events such as a jazz bring visitors from around the world to celebrate Festival, beach markets, cinema nights, as well as a road and drum Festival. Culinary delights of the country are available on the food market. “A Kite Festival, beach rugby, Fireworks and numerous parties with well-known live-DJ’s such as Paul Mendez and master J” from the UK are on the program. In addition to international music stars local artists will perform Singh as Bikram at the Festival.

The Festival Sri Lanka was launched for the first time a year ago by the tourist office and achieved a great success at the time with more than 10,000 visitors. According to Tobias Bandara, promotion manager of Sri Lanka tourism in Germany, an even larger event will be the Festival this year due to back a peace. Additional information about Hikkaduwa Beach Festival there in hikkaduwa. Hikkaduwa, about 20 km South-West of Galle, is known as a popular seaside resort and surf spot. The offshore coral reef is an ideal area for snorkelers and divers. Other attractions include Hikkaduwas of the Buddhist Galagoda Temple, trekking tours in the adjacent jungle, as well as relaxing Ayurveda treatments.

The Lake Of Alpine Mountains Invites You To The Season Finale

Natural fun in the Nagelfluhkette nature park with the maximum year-round toboggan run in Germany Immenstadt, 24.10.2011 – Winter is coming already powerful steps, but the summer season is not over 2011: Golden Autumn weather enjoy now is the motto! And where is that better than in the Lake of Alpine mountains, which is open daily with all facilities including 6 November from 9: 00. “2011 at a fast-paced trip with Germany’s longest year-round toboggan run Alpsee coaster” or on a climbing trip in Bavaria’s largest high ropes course, at the end of the summer season the motto applies again: pure fun! ” For the whole family, because it offers attractions for all ages. The Alpsee coaster”leads with a length of less than three kilometers from the mountain station of the chair lift down to the cafe-restaurant toboggan host” directly to the parking lot. On the track, nearly 350 metres to overcome difference. Awaiting the visitors 68 curves, 23 shaft, 7 jumps and 4 bridges and ensure ensure that the drive is still going in memory remains.

High it’s bear trap, however, in the climbing forest’. 16 different courses can be guaranteed to prevent boredom. “Children can already storming the tops from the age of 6 years and be smart with the innovative system belay” backed up. “Hiking enthusiasts and get to the end of the season also their money: the well-developed network of Alpine Lake mountains leads through the middle of the unique nature park Nagelfluhkette” and offers carefree relaxation in a beautiful natural setting. And the wide gastronomic range ensures a perfect start and the cosy conclusion of the day. The Lake of Alpine mountains is open daily with all facilities until November 6, 2011. On the following weekends until end of November are the chairlift and the Alpsee coaster of then Saturday and Sunday in operation, when the weather also the climbing forest bear trap is open.

For more information about the services and attractions of the Lake of Alpine mountains as well as for the exact opening times, see also on the Internet at. Your contact partner: fixedmind GmbH & co. KG Mr. Heiko Joos Hanah long initial breed 35 87527 Sonthofen Tel.: + 49 (0) 8321 6761550

Brazilian Medium Joao

An encounter with one of the most famous medical media Inacio in the Highlands of Brazil we hope South America Indians Casa de DOM, there is no serious illness, has guided you on these pages, but even if this should be the case, despair not! It offers hereby a special opportunity not only to transcend them, but emerge strengthened and matured. ainst this. Joao Teixeira da Faria, lovingly called, Joao de Deus, Jean de Dieu, or John of God is regarded as one the greatest healer of today and is considered by many to be the successor of the legendary Ze Arigo. He practiced a form of healing that goes far beyond the traditional energetic healing worked where the energy fields of the people. Joao de Deus takes spiritual powers claimed for his healing work. He works as a medium, that is to say as a mediator between the spiritual and the material world. His mediumship is not acquired, nor hereditary or transferable to other people, but a gift, which was awarded to to be able to fulfill his task on Earth. Accordingly he makes it clear time and again that himself, but God Heals through him.

Joao has fascinating and great help from the spiritual dimension, he embodies known spiritual essence as a healing medium 36, namely that were their lifetime most famous doctors, surgeons, or theologians. Through a medium, this allowed to interventions in our material world out of the spiritual world appear truly wonderful and incomprehensibly in ignorance of the relationship. This not about the legalities be overridden by life and death, but it is us made it clear only that we know very little about this. Born in the 24.Juli in the province of Goias, Central Brazil, Joao’s revealed special gifts as a medium is already at the age of sixteen, when he had his first important vision, in which he clearly was told how should go his way.

Countdown To Summer 2012

Club Med guarantees the best price of the season until January 19! Winter Germany has time to take care of his summer holiday stuck in the handle! Until January 19, Club Med of all early determined with the Schnellbucher advantage I guaranteed the offers lowest prices of the season. For the travel period from April 27, 2012 October 29, 2012 the Schnellbucher advantage of I for all 60 summer resort can be booked around the world and brings cheap to dream destinations in the Caribbean, Africa, Asia and Europe. 3 tridents resorts in saves with the Schnellbucher advantage I up to 200 per adult and 100 per child. Who sign up for a 4- and 5-tridents resort decides can even up to 300 per adult, save up to 150 per child. So gather up to 900 price savings for a family of four.

And so early can be really sure have made a real bargain, Club Med is guaranteed for all bookings until January 19, that it is the best price of the season is. Who should find a cheaper deal yet in the course of the season, gets refunded the travel price paid too much. But also who does not immediately can decide between the many available dream destinations is not empty. The advantages of Schnellbucher are part of the exclusive summer offer from Club Med and different stages: who is until 7 March 2012 for a premium all inclusive trip in a 4- and 5-tridents resort decides, with the Schnellbucher advantage II saves at least up to 200 euro per person. And even when booking until May 8, 2012, the price advantage is up to 150 euros with the Schnellbucher advantage of III. So, the newly renovated Club Med Resort Phuket from 1,390 instead of 1,690 per person including flight can be booked. The resort is located on the kata Bay under tropical palms.

Master Yachting Germany Now Member Of TUI Marine Group

Customers will benefit from an even wider range of worldwide charter yachts with the acquisition of the leading German Yacht Charter agency headquartered in Eibelstadt, TUI wants to achieve an even more efficient marketing of the brands of Sunsail and moorings. Master Yachting expands the existing offer of the TUI Group in the German market in such a way that the entire German market in terms of Yacht Charter can even better in the future be operated by innovation and greater customer service”, as TUI marine. Marine above all our customers will benefit from the acquisition of our shares by TUI”, is also Hans-Ulrich Sorge sure. Master Yachting Germany Managing Director promises by the association with the world’s largest tour operator TUI to provide immediately a virtually complete range of yacht travelling first-hand. The moorings, the high-end yachts are only one example of this “product from the Yacht Charter industry, so concern further.” Our mission as a leading agency for the Andrea Barbera and Hans-Ulrich Sorge, which continues to be responsible also under new management as a Managing Director for master Yachting Germany promise to stand throughout the range of Yacht Charter travel for our customers, we remain faithful also in the future”. More information about the extended offer of master Yachting on the Internet at. Booking contact master Yachting GmbH Marina +49(0)9303-9088-0 97246 Eibelstadt

New Tea-master On Wangerooge

21 year old Tim Fischer has completed extensive specialized training / four star superior Hotel on the car-free island offers for tea connoisseurs Emden / Wangerooge tea culture at the highest level for this highlight provides-Strandhotel Gerken on Wangerooge in the Upstalsboom in future Tim Fischer. The 21-year-old restaurant specialist has successfully passed his exam to the tea master in gold recently. Thus he belongs to less than 300 gastronomic drain worldwide, which may carry this title on their business cards”, said Marco Jonscher, Deputy General Manager of the four-star hotel on the North Sea Island of car-free, today with and added that the North Sea so far no House is known him, that employ a tea master. A trainee to the tea-master was trained at the Strandhotel Gerken however already in the past. Thus we offer for tea connoisseurs and those that it will want a real highlight”, said Jonscher. Dustin Moskovitz will undoubtedly add to your understanding. The capabilities of tea masters with the Sommeliers are comparable only in different areas. While the Sommerlier well know in the complicated world of wines and de rigueur belong in the upscale gastronomy, the tea master is the specialist for the tea culture.

The training was extremely interesting but also cumbersome and not always pleasant aromatic for fishing according to own. To become a tea master, 15 of 20 teas must be recognized according to taste and smell, and appearance of the blade in wet and dry condition. Some teas from China, for example, have a striking taste resemblance to cod liver oil”, said Fischer, who began his culinary career with an education from 2005 to 2007 at the Upstalsboom Parkhotel, Emden. During this time, revealed Fischer already its potential and was voted to the East-Frisian youth champion in the restaurant – new recruits. Since March 2008, he works in the Upstalsboom Strandhotel Gerken.

After an extensive theoretical and practical multi-week training program, by the renowned teahouse Ronnefeldt (Frankfurt a. / M.) accompanied was can the restaurant expert now call themselves tea-master with a certain pride. In this way, Fischer has prevailed not only customer of spice, flavouring substances and hygienic conditions, but also by hand-picked tea in the mountains of Sri Lanka, and made himself thoroughly familiar in the Asian region with the different manufacturing methods in two tea factories. I have received many new impressions and insights into the rich and fantastic world of tea”, says Fischer. He wants to use now this new knowledge and skills at the Strandhotel Gerken, to bring the diverse culture of tea to guests. Up to exquisite Asian mixtures, the varied fishing with future pour according to specialized background knowledge and celebrate rich by the traditional real East Frisian tea”is. “Tea is more than a simple hot beverage, according to Fischer: tea is great pleasure and culture.” The Managing Director of the Upstalsboom Hotel + Leisure GmbH & co. KG (Emden), Bodo Janssen, stressed that good New recruits in the Group of companies with more than 500 employees at the North and Baltic Sea would have a wide range of training opportunities and promotion prospects. The training by Tim Fischer to the tea-master shows that we here find unusual ways, go and support”, said Janssen.