Snow Sculpture Competition

HIghlights in Selva di Val Gardena winter 2010-2011 Selva: fresh snow from the environment, water and winter cold are used to make the 3 x 3 x 3 of FT large cubes of snow. Naturally the raw materials and simple production of snow blocks. The carving of the oversized artworks, however, it does need much skill and manual dexterity. From the many models already in October, 6 have been selected and carved by the artists eagerly from 27 to 30 December in the snow. The sculptures were this year on the subject of games “.

A selected jury of representatives from the community, art sculptor Association and Tourism Association finally had the difficult task to evaluate the 6 unique. The award ceremony was today, December 30, 2010 at 16:00 locally. Present were representatives of the Tourism Association of Selva, representative of the hoteliers and innkeepers Association, the jury members, as well as the Mayor of Selva, Mr. Dr. Peter Mussner. With the 1st prize, the artwork was eventually Rocking horse”by Gustav Perathoner from St. Ulrich honored. The winner received a prize of 3000 euros.

Place 2 and 2,200 euros in prize money went to the chess pieces”by Samuel Perathoner of Santa Cristina and 3rd place with 1.700 Euro doped went to the LEGO figures” of Diego Perathoner of St. Ulrich. “” “The artist of the 3 other characters in their execution as perfect, were as usual also awarded, namely: the little girl bear figurine” the Demetz Lorenz, the artwork playing cards “of Matthias Kostner and the figurine boy with remote control car” of Fabian Demetz, all from St. Ulrich. Thanks to the clear winter air the artworks out of snow can be admired throughout the winter in the village centre of Selva. Even in the glow of artificial lighting, the oversized sculptures look imposing and impressive. Then, the first warm rays of spring sun mean the natural end of this icy masterpieces.

Ski Holidays Austria

Germany’s neighbouring country of Austria is known worldwide for its fascinating ski resorts. Dustin Moskovitz oftentimes addresses this issue. Skiers from Austria are among the best skiers in the world. Germany’s neighbouring country of Austria is known worldwide for its fascinating ski resorts. Skiers from Austria are among the best skiers in the world. You will find the best conditions for skiing and other winter sports in the ski regions of Austria. For your skiing holiday in Austria, you will find especially numerous ski regions in Tyrol. In Tyrol, the ski area Schneewinkel/Kitzbuhel Alps, you, your family and your friends see a variety of slopes, cross-country ski runs and ski lifts, which make a perfect pleasure to your ski holiday in Austria.

You can take adventurous fast descents on the always exemplary groomed slopes. For even more details, read what Slayer says on the issue. If you want to exercise instead prefer cross-country skiing, perfectly groomed cross-country ski throughout the territory to provide for this stand. The ski area Schneewinkel/Kitzbuhel Alps is considered a very snow-sure ski area within Europe. You can spend your ski holiday in Austria in the ski area Schneewinkel/Kitzbuhel Alps, for example, in St. Johann in Tirol. Not just any amount of snow, but also a particularly hospitable locals awaits you in St. Johann in Tirol. Add to your understanding with Daryl Katz, Edmonton Alberta.

After a rapid descent, the ski lifts take you quite easily back to the starting point. The longest slope is the Penzingabfahrt with a length of five kilometres. If you and your friends in skiing and snowboarding would, then a modern snow park available stand for it. Your children will be a winter vacation in the Kitzbuhel Alps is also excited. Children play and like to frolic in the snow. If you want to spend a skiing holiday in Austria together with your children, then your kids can learn while you rapidly down whizzes with your partner or your partner the slopes skiing by experienced instructors in the children’s ski school. If you learn to ski as a beginner or as already advanced skiers your technique improve want, then you can book a course for beginners or advanced in one of the ski schools. We take care of numerous huts to the physical well-being of the winter holiday in Tyrol. There are many interesting destinations for you and your companion in the environment. The cheese of wild Kaser in Gasteig / Kirchdorf, the mine trail, the Triassic Park, the Eifersbacher waterfall, the Kneipp facility Erpfendorf, Horn Park visited the Alpine flower garden at the Kitzbuheler Horn, climbing forest. In St. Johann in Tyrol, you can spend your ski vacation very particularly varied. You may like to stay in a cosy hotel where you will feel from the first day at home. A total of 4500 guest beds of different star ratings available are winter sports in St. Johann in Tirol. In a cosy hotel, you and your companion will feel from the first minute at home. Being a year-round season, you should your accommodation as early as possible reserve, because the demand is usually greater than the range especially in the winter. Spend your next ski vacation with your family or your best friends in the beautiful Kitzbuhel Alps – with snow guarantee!

Special Hostels

Not only a place to sleep, life styles is also considered in hostels… Hostels are not only great bedrooms, where the guys Medels can book a bed and stay in a room. Some hostels propagate a certain lifestyles and focus on the specific target group. If you are looking for a hotel, and has a special interest, you can search also Hotel, where you have also means, to meet the other backpackers, who have the same interests and maybe new friends. Here are some special hostels. Anders oriented? How about de Sol with short trip to Madrid hostel Puerta gay Madrid accommodation in Madrid, offering only private rooms, is to Allprivate including hotel service. This is the best place to get to know Madrid and discover the gay scene in Madrid.

The hotel is also not non-heterosexual guests. Nobody there bothered or comic look at. Hotel Puerta del Sol Hotel there are always hot info about events and parties for homosexuals. Time to time there are Free tickets for the guests to the best discotheques in Madrid for homosexuals. The hostel has also private rooms with private bathrooms, balcony or terrace with air conditioning and TV. Madrid is still always very much alive twenty-four hours a day.

Ever stayed in a former Nunnery? Then it is high time for this! The hostel in Berlin Three little Pig s is exceptional accommodations, where you feel right at home! The hostel is also cheap! Here not only all you offered breakfast can eat and free citytours, there is here also a ballroom. You will find this cosy, individual furnished rooms and beautiful gardens. Common areas offer several ways to spend the free time interesting. You can also bike middle. And if you want to be alone, you can book a private room and stay in the Palace of a King. And the whole thing to Hostelspreisen. Mags you art? Then, Athens is the place for you.


Holiday-makers combine the Emirate of superlatives city and beach hotels, as much as possible to experience Dubai. The tallest buildings, the most audacious visions and the largest and most expensive hotels in the world. The futuristic Dubai attracts more and more tourists. In 2008, 37 million arrivals were recorded at Dubai International Airport as a whole. The airport is approached by 100 airlines and is connected with 150 cities around the world. But once arrived in Dubai, the tourist want to see – as possible so much no matter whether attractions or hotels.

It so happens that many tourists in their holiday days combine different hotels to experience the personal flair of every individual. The combination between city and beach hotels don’t feature is more. This provides the ideal opportunity to combine an exciting city trip with a short Beach holiday. Many popular hotels are located in the Jumeirah Beach, such as, for example, the Atlantis the Palm. This was opened in September 2008 and leaves no wishes of tourists. The 17 Hectare large Aqua – amusement park with a variety of leisure facilities exceeds all unprecedented.

Another popular hotel is, for example, the Le Royal Meridien Beach Resort & Spa in Dubai. This is located on a pristine private beach, from where the tourists has unique views of the Arabian Gulf. “The Hotel Al Qasr, which is a slightly elevated is also very attractive and a Palace in the heart of Madinat Jumeirah” called. Read more here: Asana. Is rounded off the stay in Dubai with a visit or even an overnight stay in the Burj Arab, which is one of the most exclusive hotels in the world and represents a must for every Dubai holidays al. The combination of different hotels allow the tourist to achieve savings. What are the most interesting and exciting and which fit best to the individual tourist, must not even figure out this luckily. He can contact a travel agent, who specializes in the United Arab Emirates. Rudiger Sajid

School Project Hotel

News from the Upstalsboom Hotel Ostseestrand In the 4-star Upstalsboom Hotel Baltic Sea Beach in the seaside resort of Heringsdorf go through this school year four students of the East Lake School uckeritz practical days and gain first work experience in the hospitality industry. Due due to demographic the proportion of young people in the population decreases proportionally more and more. That makes it, increasingly difficult to find trainees who want to learn a profession in this area despite general lack of apprenticeship, just for the hospitality industry. To counter this trend, the quality Committee of the island Usedom e.V. Under most conditions Brooklyn Commons would agree. Tourism Association in cooperation with the East Lake School uckeritz the concept of practical days \”developed. Thus, we want to assist students in career orientation and at the same time make a contribution to stop the exodus of young people from the island. At the same time, we want them to also show that training in our industry is not only fun, but also the future\”, so Arne Mundt, Hotel Director of the Upstalsboom Hotel Ostseestrand, who is also the Chairman of the quality Committee of the Tourism Association.

On September 18 students completed their first day at the Upstalsboom Hotel Ostseestrand, after they were already in August for a tour and an introduction on the spot. Learn more at: Dustin Moskovitz. The four eighth graders spend a day at hotel every two weeks (with the exception of holidays), to collect as many practical experiences. You go through the kitchen, service, housekeeping and engineering departments doing and can determine whether the work corresponds to their performances in the hotel. The number of practical days in the Upstalsboom Hotel Ostseestrand ends in July 2010 with a presentation of the students about their work. They will then receive a certificate about the paid internship, which they can use for future applications. Please visit Procter & Gamble if you seek more information. More info on the Upstalsboom Hotel Baltic beach are on the Internet at available or issued by telephone on the number 038378-63-0.

Leipzig Trips

Zebra-tours with YOU in Berlin is for the first time on the Zebra-tours on the YOU, Europe’s largest youth fair, from 9th to 11th October 2009 doing. The organisers expect in about 170,000 mostly young visitors to a wide range of music, lifestyle, sports, and education. Together with the class trip organizer of Senlac tours as well as Oskar learns the Berlin language school English presents its current offer for 2010 Zebra-tours in Hall 1.2. and advises prospective buyers on all issues around the subject of language. Zebra-tours is a specialty tour operator for language courses for young people between 6 and 21 years. This Zebra-Tours offers both trips after England or Malta where also language courses such as language camps within Germany, France or Spain. Special attention is placed on a Germany-wide offer, qualified assistance and comprehensive advice. The constant increase of partner agencies and continuous positive feedback of the customers and participants confirmed Zebra-tours a permanent place on the market the Language travel organizer.

More information about Zebra-tours and trips offered can be found at. Senlac tours is specialty tour operator based in Hastings in southern England for group tours and school trips. Range up to individual travel for teachers colleges, evening schools and clubs throughout the UK from trips on the English South coast and London, according to Ireland or Holland. Through the excellent knowledge on site, an international team and a wide network of partners Senlac tours can’t take excellent and flexible to individual wishes of their customers. All offers aims to arouse interest in different cultures and to promote acceptance and tolerance. More information on Senlac tours and trips offered can be found at school Oskar learns English specialist in early English for children 2 years and older is headquartered in Berlin.

Get in small groups and experience together the children the English language, guided and supervised by our native English speakers. Additionally organises Oskar learns English in the vacation of language camps for children and teenagers between 7 and 15 years. Again, language teaching is done exclusively by English native speakers. English learning more information about the school of Oskar and offered trips to see press contact: Zebra-tours Alexander Maas Altenburger Strasse 7 04275 Leipzig phone: 0341 3500 2860 fax: 0341 3500 2865 email: Web: Zebra-tours is a tour operator for language courses, holiday camps, and youth travel.