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A rich and observers can so the high level of competence the judge specifically scientists referred to, analysts, journalists, and also users themselves. Learn more about telematics award 2013 the TELEMATIK award will be awarded to outstanding development services and solutions in the field of telematics. The competition takes place in the annual transition from vehicles and human telematics and is reserved for companies with headquarters or establishment in the German-speaking. The Organizer, the media group of telematics, aims, on the one hand to reinforce the telematics industry in German-speaking countries, present practices but also the offer for the interested parties and users, as well as future trends on the basis of best to represent more transparent and more understandable with assessing these TOP providers. The TOP companies in the sector itself, scientists, experts and journalists watch the market every day and are increasingly agree that the telematics industry almost overpowering turns up in quantity, what clouds the sight of the user, and interested parties on the quality in the market. The quality of the Telematics Awards is guaranteed by the expertise of the promoter and its partners as well as through the expertise of renowned expert jury – the latter ensures the high quality of the review with its composition of scientists, journalists, experts, creative, makers and users. The ceremony of the Telematics Awards 2013 takes place on Saturday, the 07.09.2013, at 14: 00 at the George Marshall lounge in the Centre of the IFA – located – next to the summer garden. Yet we download welcome all prospective buyers, users and telematics manufacturers and vendors, guests of this ceremony – as always – an exciting talk of telematics is to. For more information and the form to book free tickets for the ceremony of the Telematics Awards, see this link: