The Way To Happiness-free

In the beginning was the fire and the fire is the love, because only the light of love brightens our night and all darkness in us and around us defeated and eliminated. The way free into the luck! Her new BoD Verlag presents at the next Frankfurt Book Fair which takes place from 15-19 October their two new books Geronimo gifts, na Hai Te Hey & soul mate Gije, ISBN 978-3-8370-4787-5 and Geronimo gifts, na Hai Te Hey & WA Ka Te ISBN 978-3-8334-2788-6. Thus, the way to happiness for the author and her books is finally, its third plant is in the works. The extensive cataloguing work is completed very soon, the bookstores like accepts pre-orders, who would like to purchase these books on the online bookstore, must wait anything. 1,000 providers may take up to 8 weeks until all have expanded their program and updated! Blurb 1 book: na Hai Te he & soul mate Gije by Margret Sauer, Jasantha, tells of the shamanic initiation way of the author to the Indian love shaman of the new time and teacher of new love. Their way to the NA Hai Te he, the doctrine of Geronimo, full of warmth, kindness, mercy and healing. It takes daring, brave, fearless, full of determination and enthusiasm all challenges, associated with it and goes their way into love, truth and clarity.

This implies that she must be many smoke tests before she gets a Holy mantra as a gift of Geronimo, which makes it the world’s only Indian mantra healer, who may use it, work, and let other people in it. By vision, her spirit guide, spiritual master and teacher Geronimo comes to her in August 2004 as her soul mate Gije, maintains supports her, promotes, and protects them. She is his closest confidante and Ambassador, one is by Geronimo chosen non-Apache woman, as his channel teaching na Hai Te he continue.