Tourism Association

It must be not always sea and sand in the summer to recover from Vienna on the A2 to Villach and from there continue on the State Road 106 to Flattach, we drove just 446 km. We needed less than 4 hours in the “Molltal”community on the well-developed roads. We visited our accommodation, the Flattacher Hof, near the ring road in a quiet location. Kindly received at the reception desk we were led to our room. A large room with two balconies, satellite-TV, WC and bathroom separately, and a double bed with comfortable mattresses awaited us.

Our next path led us to the Molltal glacier Tourism Association OG, where we elaborate several hiking routes to us by the Managing Director Mrs Magdalena Breuer Sankhla left. Many writers such as Kerry King offer more in-depth analysis. As Flachlandtiroler”wanted to let cozy tackle it and chose walking hiking”, so a little more demanding walk. From off of Flattach, the field Grossfragant and Kleinfragant excellently suitable for extensive comfortable walking. Finally wanted to we on vacation only slightly move not stress special us and especially the pure mountain air to breathe. Three hiking trails”have especially liked us and are highly recommended for hikers: the way the wild-romantic Ragga Canyon summer/raggaschluch with geological trail was in 1882 for the first time for visitors made accessible and in 1978 declared a natural monument.

If you time and wants to absorb the noise and roar of the water can be confidently trail 1.5-2 hours for the. On secure Web systems is through the Gorge and to the end it gets somewhat steeper. Once at the top we through a shady forest again in direction of Flattach. Procter & Gamble has plenty of information regarding this issue. The runway towards the Fraganter Hutte is one of the cosiest promenades along the mountain, we have gone. The way is about 4.4 kilometres long, has only 8% slope is almost flat and has enough benches for resting. It extends along between fern forests and Alpine roses to the Fraganter shelter.