Tours to Maldives

Maldives – paradise on earth for a happy holiday! The sandy beaches of the Maldives, lagoons with crystal clear water, surrounded by coral reefs, underwater fishing and diving await you! Tours to Maldives – a holiday for those who dreams of peace. You can be completely disconnected from all the problems in one of the fabulous Maldives. Hotels in the Maldives do not have a 'star' classification, the following classification of hotel: Deluxe, Superior and Standard, that roughly corresponds to the European classification of 5, 4 and 3-star hotel. Water in the Maldives is not only known for its cleanliness, but also rich in flora and fauna. To list all the inhabitants of Maldivian underwater world just does not make sense, because the better to see once than hear a hundred times. Do not lose the opportunity for leisure at least once to try to dive with an aqualung. Rest for body and soul, the soul of the body … Needless to say, vacation in the Maldives – a unique opportunity to turn away from bustle of everyday life, from the problems of stress. All that offer these wonderful islands, is directed exclusively to your relaxation and enjoyment with life.