Trirquica Theory

Currently, informed people less, consider they individuals marked for the destination to have short life, for being different of excessively and presenting a high QI. For the carried through studies one knows that the superendowed person is defined by presenting abilities that if detach of excessively in one or more area, such as: academic, artistic area, motor etc. Some are distinguished in the capacity of leadership and creativity what it demonstrates that the superendowment is not something so rare in our way. For Guenther (2006, P. 34) ' ' endowed and talentosos children and young do not constitute a homogeneous group, easily reconhecvel in any situao' '. She means to say, that although the desmistificao of the superendowed ones in the present time, is not simple the identification of them for not presenting an only profile. Studies come being carried through have years searching to appraise high-adept people, however, if they did not reach a definition for nor if she unified an only term to assign who has ability above average. Some scholars had detached some aspects of intelligence human being that had been considered as characteristic typical of people who present superendowment.

Stenberg developed the Trirquica Theory of Intelligence where it distinguishes three types of intellectual superendowment: analytical, creative and practical. Superdotao in relation to the analytical abilities involves to dissecar a problem and to understand its parts. Individuals with high abilities in this area of intellectual functioning tend to have a good performance in conventional tests of intelligence. Already the synthetic superendowment is observed in individuals that are intuitivos, creative and deals well with new situations. In a generalized manner, these individuals do not leave themselves well in traditional measures of intelligence. A third type of superendowment, called of practical, involves to apply any ability, either analytical or synthetic, in situations day to day. The individual with practical superendowment is that one that obtains to visualize what it is necessary to be made to get success in one definitive environment.