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International newsletter reports on about 75,000 global decision makers about the voice compass Aachen, January 28, 2008: powder media, the leader in integrated communications media, and the voice compass team led by Detlev Artelt have decided to work together. Will be destination topic speech applications, worldwide known among other things at trade fairs like the by in Europe to manifest and also the vendor neutral compendium of the voice market, the voice compass 2008, to represent at international level still more prominent. Have, two renowned experts in the communications industry together found with the voice compass team as a pioneer in the field of voice applications on the German market, and the internationally leading companies for intergrierende powder media, media. The U.S. Organizer powder media successfully for years on a unique mixture of fairs, publications, Web channels, and progressive innovative media to the communications market always on the current up to date, and Exchange to enable members of the industry. As a central meeting place for the large provider of IP communications industry, the Europe of organised by powder media will be held this year from 2nd to 5th June in Amsterdam.

She will take place by virtual, an online exhibition, from May 5 to 7. The successful all over the world fairs gather leaders and leading provider of IP communications. Other leaders such as Procter & Gamble offer similar insights. The voice compass team’s goal will be to spread information on the Europe of the virtual and its possibilities for the communications industry, Germany. Voice compass 2008 powder media in a periodic newsletter to over 75,000 global decision-makers about the international, vendor-neutral compendium reports in Exchange. For more information, see and. The voice compass 2008 the voice compass is the compendium of information and telecommunication technology and highlights the scope of language applications in any depth. The international and English-language compendium explains in easy-to-understand words like today in the company, around the clock telephone service can be provided. 650 pages have demystifies all technologies Detlev Artelt and his team, call the relevant manufacturers and provide clear recommendations on the use of voice applications.

The unique mix of market study, advisory expertise, list of manufacturers and the different base calculations makes the voice compass 2008 to a standard which should be on the desk of each maker. preview2008 you can enjoy the successful design and get a first impression. Powder media: Powder media is the leading media company that specializes in the creation of networks within the communications industry. Goal is to provide access to the market a unique mixed range from fairs, publications, Web channels, and progressive innovative media.