Venezuelan Government

The petroleum of Venezuela has become one of the oil reserves more controversies throughout the world given the special handling that has been given in this South American country to this resource. Venezuela petroleum is one of the world’s largest oil reserves. It is said that Venezuela ranks fourth among all the world oil producing countries, which places it among one of the greatest powers in regards to this product. The petroleum of Venezuela has been handled in a very special way by the Venezuelan Government. Unlike many of the brothers of Latin America countries, Venezuelans have managed that Venezuelan oil would become a unique product, which they have and can explode under your cravings. Elsewhere the brothers of Venezuela the common denominator is not guaranteeing sovereignty over oil, on the contrary the oil industry tends to be exploited by foreign countries which enjoy greater economic and political power and therefore are capable of infringing the national sovereignties of the countries with economies and weak political structures.

Perhaps is much what they have to learn the countries of the third world about the way oil in Venezuela is handled. Indeed, through oil as eminently national product Venezuelans have managed to ensure one of the biggest sources of income from their nation, which could result in a greater well-being for the population of this country. If countries Venezuela brothers contacting you which has been made with oil from Venezuela maybe this would help solve many of the economic problems faced by these countries in the days of today. There is one large problematic both inside Venezuela as outside that revolves around oil from Venezuela. Indeed, towards the interior of Venezuela there are many pressures on the way in which must manage the resources of oil, how this should be exploited and the way this important product should be the market outside. Outside the petroleum of Venezuela have problems like that brings casualties on sales to the United States because this country increasingly more tends to not buy oil from Venezuela and looking for other markets to buy its oil needs for its operation.

From the point of view of the interior of Venezuela, Venezuela petroleum has attracted great controversy in what refers to the way as the same in the development of this should be reversed country. In fact, many people say that oil from Venezuela should sell and invest in things that if generate real development for the country. To sustain their way of thinking these people argue that having many income does not guarantee economic and cultural development. As example of this cite countries? Arab that have not developed much but have a large oil industry. These are some of the controversies revolving around oil from Venezuela. In countries other than United States there is a great interest in getting oil from Venezuela for its proper functioning, that is why the interest by the oil reserves in Venezuela is increasing and this topic will be the subject of many controversies in the future.