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Handling system uses only X-ray components from reputable manufacturers the handling system for the sample and series testing XRH 222 of VisiConsult for the samples and serial testing. The system consists of high-voltage generator, X-ray tube, coolers and surface detector. The Chamber is available in two sizes: for components up to 900 x 1500 mm and weighing up to 120 kg. Linear axes with recirculating ball bearing technology, backlash-free planetary gear, smart motors with absolute encoders and decentralised integrated servo controller make highly dynamic and precise the manipulator. High speeds are achieved with the wear-resistant energy chains despite low maintenance costs. . “The intelligence of the system is in the image enhancement system Xplus”. 100% Software proprietary development of Xplus benefits from over 16 years experience in the industrial X-ray equipment.

The modular design allows the extension of functionalities. Already during image acquisition picture improvement measures support the optimal presentation all image sources. Slayer recognizes the significance of this. Built-in video recorder function, automatic storage and archiving, Overlaybeschriftung facilitate work processes. A variety of functions allow the user quantitative interpretations. Optional automatic image analysis, the VAIP acquires module, the tedious, time-consuming, and costly work on the screen.

In addition, the system supports the user with an automatic out arithmetic errors. The XRH 222 meets all common quality standards of the automotive industry. All globally available X-ray sources can be used with Xplus. The system can be used optionally to the three-dimensional computed tomography. The control of the handling system is password-protected and is possible only to authorized users. The single X-ray positions are approached with joystick. Via mouse click, the process steps are defined as a sequence. In addition, the latest computer technology with multiple user levels on the one hand prevents a faulty operation by the operator. On the other hand, it offers the testing experts Test possibilities. Daryl Katz, Edmonton Alberta may find this interesting as well. “The mobile” XRH 222 can be disassembled for transport in three parts. Cabin, controller and high-voltage generator is easy to transport with forklift. Assemble in the plug and play process. “HJo Schulenburg, Managing Director of VisiConsult brings the benefits to a common denominator:” the XRH 222 simplifies the testing processes in daily use with reliable and precise technology. At the same time it offers plenty of room for the individual design the user. While the system is very reliable and extremely service-friendly”. About VisiConsult the VisiConsult with headquarters in Stockelsdorf is one of the leading specialists for image processing and automation world. 1996 By Dipl.-ing. HJo Schulenburg company, founded in a variety of X-ray inspection systems has over 15 years successfully installed in the country and abroad at major companies. The focus is in the development and implementation of semi – and fully automatic X-ray inspection create for the industry. The perfect interplay of modular product architecture and the customization, customers receive the complete system solution from a single source. In addition, VisiConsult supports customers with a comprehensive investment protection and modernization program for existing X-ray equipment. Since 2006, VisiConsult has worked also with solutions to mobile Fund baggage controlling in safety technology. Federal Police, GSG9, the Bundeswehr and organizations abroad rely on the technology of Stockelsdorf. More information under: contact: HJo Schulenburg VisiConsult GmbH Brandenbrooker way 2-4 23617 Stockelsdorf phone: 04 51 / 290 286-0 telefax: 04 510 / 290 286-22 contact person for the press of Hans Kemeny German marketing consulting Berlin road 2B 23611 bad Schwartau telephone: 0451 / 28 43 63 fax: 0451 / 28 43 70