Volkswagen Jetta

The Corolla obtained to exactly manage the top of the pdio that occupies since 1997, with disastrous tsunami that it shook Toyota, and it was one more time the vendido vehicle more of the planet. In accordance with a research of the Forbes, the Corolla (average silk of Toyota) was the vendido car more of the world in the year of 2011, reaching the number of 1,02 million. The Brazilians had given preference to the Corolla, and also had bought 53 a thousand units throughout the year. The production of the Corolla is made in 15 countries (between them, Brazil where the automobile is produced in Indaiatuba in the interior of So Paulo) and distributed for more than 140 markets. The leadership of the Corolla was not shaken by disastrous tsunami that it invaded Japan in March, harming Toyota. In 2005, the automobile reached the record of sales of an only vehicle, with 1,36 million. Same with a small decrease by vol. this year, the car still is the owner of the leadership.

The Hyundai Elantra was in second placed, reaching 1.01 million of vendidos vehicles. This fact proves that innovations in design that the Hyundai has fact, are being converted into the number of sales well. In the third position, he was minivan Wuling Sunshine, produced for the Joint Venture (partnership of GM with the SAIC) and absolute success in China, with 943 a thousand vendidas units. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Asana. The list is completed by Ford Focus (919 a thousand), Kia River (815.337), Ford Fiesta (781.1 a thousand), Volkswagen Jetta (745 a thousand), Toyota Camry (726 a thousand), Chevrolet Cruze (691 a thousand) and locking up the list, Volkswagen Golf (648 a thousand). These numbers still are a sample of the final result, that will be presenting in January of this year. Web team Tire