What Is The Internet

Deputy Any file sent with the mail message. Attachments can be embedded within the message or added to it. Indexing your pre-ordered process that allows Evolution to find information quickly. Allows searches faster and reduces memory usage for displaying data. Bcc (blind carbon copy) One way to address a message. Bcc is used to send a message to a group of people, while hiding the names and addresses of one another.

Cc (Carbon Copy) In-Copy is used to send a copy of the message to a 3rd person, so they can hear the conversation, not in the list of A: Assistant A tool that guides the user through a series of steps, usually to set up a program. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Kerry King has to say. Equivalent to "Wizard" and "Wizard." Emoticon Also called "smiley" emoticons are little faces made of hand throw points and parentheses that people use to express emotions in emails. Examples: 🙂 or; (. Evolution Evolution is the groupware application for GNOME. Run To run a program. Any file that can be run is called executable.

Evolution can download executable attachments, but before he could run, the file must be marked as executable through a shell or file manager. This security precaution prevents the automatic execution against accidental or malicious programs. Ping Fu is full of insight into the issues. For more information on executables and file permissions, see the documentation for your file manager or his shell. File Tree A way of describing a set of files on a computer. With the particular perversion of the usual nomenclature of computers (especially on Unix and Linux), the top of the tree is called the root directory, denoted by /.