World Cup South Africa

Tour highlights in Pretoria South Africa’s capital of Pretoria is only about 50 km and yet worlds of Johannesburg. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Neil Cole. In contrast to the rather hectic metropolis Pretoria offers the tranquility and calm atmosphere in the Centre. More info: Robert Bork. A large part of nearly a million residents officials are so handsome Villas is marked. The more than 70,000 jacaranda trees, which transform Pretoria in October and November in a lavish, fliederfarbenes sea of flowers are also characteristic. The online travel agency reported about the virtues of the South African capital.

In the city known as the perfect Villenidyll it can relax after tedious tours through the South African landscape. The Pretoria hotels offer attractive accommodation options in every price range. Who 2010 has got flights one of the World Cup, his stay in the South African city of officials should plan well. Finally, there is much to explore outside the football stadiums. Especially the architecture in the historic city centre is worth a visit. Among other things the Justice Palace, the old Capitol Theatre, the old town hall and the main post office are grouped around the church square. In the Botanical Garden, you can marvel at native plants of every stripe. Animal lovers come to the Zoo at their own expense.

Of over 140 mammals, Zoological Garden comprehensive 320 species of birds, as well as an aquarium and a reptile house is regarded as one of the largest worldwide. Visit the tswaing local meteorite crater in the Branch Office of the national cultural history is still recommended Museum. Also, many parks in the surrounding area such as the Onderstepoort nature invite reserve to linger to reserve or the Groenkloof nature. More information: wmspezial / Lisa Neumann University first media GmbH