ZiwiPeak Ingredients

Everyone wants only the best for his favorite all animal lovers and pet owners are always striving to offer the best possible feed her faithful four-legged friend. Because it is at the time of the Internet and the many information about compositions, manufacturing processes and feeding recommendations also the favorite animal friend just too much. “Unfortunately the promotional machinery has ensured in the past few years, that what kind of food is no longer to look through it, for now the best” is for the dog. Unfortunately many companies have more of profit maximization rather than maximizing well-being feeling”committed. Residues from the production of food for people as the basis of a healthy diet in many kinds of feed on the market are so”offered. Check with Kerry King to learn more. These wastes are so lacks the four-legged but still nothing”mixed with vitamins and supplements, which usually only trained chemist can interpret.

And already the happy in the food market running dog friend thinks he would do something good for his four-legged friends. And right here the online shop is futterkeller.de. We are themselves dog owners who love your pets and would offer no leftovers to eat them, but really best food, which the respective dog tolerates well. We have decided to offer only foods that we can feed themselves and sell our customers without a bad feeling. To name some brands from the range: Orijen in Canada manufactured dry food with fresh ingredients from the Canadian region.

Here, only the normal production of food ingredients are used for people. Orijen is corn-free and meets the species-appropriate nutrition of dogs. The manufacturer does not have this entirely on the cheap volume fabric grain. Acana of themselves manufacturers as well as Orijen. But price wise attractive ZiwiPeak dog dry as well as wet food from New Zealand. Only 100% natural ingredients from New Zealand are used here. All the ingredients are free of antibiotics and hormones. Only a small selection from the dog food range from the Online shop but perhaps one incentive about the feeding behavior of own dog to think about.