The Ground

Also own the house wiring and appliances produce magnetic and electrical fields which alter the organic balance.-telluric radiation cosmic radiation and the Earth margetico field interact with radiation from the nucleus of our planet forming different patterns at the level surface. The most important are the so-called Hartmann and network of Curry. The veins of groundwater, which run underneath the surface, generated electric field by friction that is projected on your vertical. the geological faults, fractures in the conformation of the ground, and the metallic veins, also alter the field magnetic surface. These energetic patterns just neutralize more ten thousand metres high in the atmosphere, so are affected both dwellings of a ground floor, and the floor 20. Where these lines of radiation cross you create points geopatogenos that can trigger different diseases such as reactions of the organism to these alterations in the Earth-form biomagnetic field according to its type and intensity and color forms of sewage and the furnishings also influence our behavior and health. There are ways to aggressive, as alive edges, probes and treble. The study of forms through the centuries has led to the application of certain proportions considered harmonics.

Colors used in the decoration also affect our psycho-physiological States, as evidenced in many statistical studies. Thus, for example, recommended colors warm and cold for the resting places for the of work and recreation. However there are other aspects that should be considered when choosing the color scheme for an environment, relating to the function, personality of the occupants and harmony on the set, and with the environment.-Cosmotelurismo and ecology all of humanity, are currently faced with environmental problems we have created. An integral vision of man insertion is essential in your planet and the cosmos. the underlying philosophy to the geobiology, called by some Geosofia and other Cosmotelurismo, brings a perspective olistica which places us in the evolutionary, geological, biological and spiritual context of the Earth.

Symptoms Of Sjogren

Any part of your body can be affected with sjogren’s syndrome, and each patient be affected differently by the disease normally, the inmume system works to protect us from diseases through the destruction of invading organisms harmful including viruses and vacterias.In the case of sjogren’s syndrome our own organism attacks several organs, especially to the glands that produce tears and saliva (salivary and lacrimal glands). Damage to these glands cause a reduction in the quantity and quality of their secretions. This gives rise to symptoms including dryness in the eyes and mouth. When any other body with exception of the salivary and lacrimal glands are affected, this is known as Sjogren participation, this usually occurs in patients with primary sjogren’s syndrome.Has ever heard of sjogren syndrome is called rheumatic disease? This is because the joints, muscles, skin and other organs become inflamed. As well as rheumatoid arthritis, and lupus erythematosus systemic, also are considered one of the diseases autoimmune connective tissue. These conditions affect the frame body (joints, muscle and skin) Sjogren’s syndrome affects each person differently, so symptoms vary. Main symptoms: Dry mouth dryness in the eyes of Sjogren syndrome can affect other parts of the body, including the skin, joints, kidneys, vessels blood, digestive organs and nerves. Symptoms may include: dry skin Eripciones skin dry cough chronic pain thyroid problems articular and muscular fatigue numbness vagina dryness and hormigeo in the breaststroke I and legs.

International Equestrian Federation

Seville will host the annual meeting of the international horse breeders of Sport Federation, as announced by the President of the National Association of breeders of Caballos de Pura Raza Espanola (Ancce), Javier Conde Cerrato.Seville, headquarters of horse sport in October this event will be held for the first time in Spain, on 24, 25 and 26 October. It is expected the participation of all the associations of breeders who manage genealogical books of different breeds of horses in the world. Will also be participating the Spanish Equestrian Federation and the International Equestrian Federation. The last editions were held in France in 2008, Denmark in 2009 and the U.S. in 2010. The place of celebration within the city, is not yet known although it will be a point near our hotels in Seville. The International Federation expected that the level of participation of this edition is the highest in recent years. This new edition, which will be organised by Ancce in collaboration with the Wbfsh, constitutes an important opportunity to promote the features and the culture of the PRE horse and its qualities as sports breed of global projection, and represents a real boost to the equine sector in Spain.

Barack Obama

How to live in a global world? After that we have established that we have not only the right but the duty to make our voices heard, we can define the order of the day: education, or more precisely, education for life in a global world, both for us and for our children. And if this perspective seems entirely far-fetched, let’s see what they say a President and a Kabbalist thereon. In his book The Audacity of Hope (the audacity of hope), President-elect Barack Obama, speaks of another way of doing politics, based on the simple idea that depend on each other and that what unites us is far more important than what separates us, and that if enough people believe in the veracity of this proposal and follow itIt is possible that we can not solve all problems, but yes we can move forward in significant ways. These words largely match the Kabbalists, although they are not satisfied with only advance on significant things, but that they point towards the happy end, knowing, in fact, that the problems do not fall from the sky. Conversely, manifest themselves proportionally to our level of discord among all us and exhaustive nature. In other words, in a world where we are all interconnected and interdependent, ego and greed are counterproductive and cause crisis in all fields of life, as the current financial crisis. According to Rabbi Yehuda Ashlag, the great 20th century Kabbalist, we need to know the laws that apply to our present evolutionary grade – the laws of the global system – and understand that we can no longer ignore the well-being of the community.

Since the current reality is proof of his words, any rescue in the material plane plan – whether $700 billion or more – it would be useless if not it would pool to a rescue plan at the level that produced the crisis. I.e. to permanently resolve this crisis and prevent the subsequent potential, will have to change course completely and raise people’s awareness of the fact that the approach to life can no longer be the I, but the total, i.e. all We as a single organism. More natural, therefore, would be the new President of the most powerful nation of the world convene to the rest of the world leaders to join efforts in carrying out this task, since the snowball will stop at no one and the next crisis will affect not only our economy, but our very existence. In fact, there to make great effort to change our destiny; simply recognize that all of us are already satisfied one integral body; that the whole world is a single body with a single soul that governs their bodies: the ruso-arabe organ supplies us fuel and energy; the dexterity and agility of the body Asian uses that energy to produce different products, and the americo-europeo organ supplies of those products. And sod? It is not essential. In fact, if we only try to experience the feeling of all of us are an integral part of this unique and wonderful body, adopting the world an integer as ours, we photon support necessary to sustain us mutually. And nature, for his part, us reciprocaria generous and friendly, not only easing the financial crisis, but also, in all aspects of our lives.