Organisational Disaster

Not could anyone imagine a worse start to the Championship of Spain 2011, organisational disaster has been such that all pilots TR1 and some other categories not have been able to complete the trial in the time allowed due to some impressive queues at the entrance of the areas. If last season the initial test of the Championship of Spain held at Parcmotor Castelloli made headlines for being the first with regulation Openfree, and everything was well within the logical doubts before so many changes, this year it will be news by an unprecedented, and is that all ilotos TR1 have been deleted not be able to complete the first 6 zones in the given time of 2 hours and a half. Looked something like, come if the Openfree is made to attract greater participation and this has been done a little, it is not logical is to maintain the previous system of 2 consecutive passes of each pilot areas, in all categories and also with a time very little to reach the first time control of zone 6. When the pilots of the absolute category have come to the first area of difficult access, found with a great..

New York Reserves

Just confirm the increase in the oil reserves given the reassessment of what is now the largest discovery of oil in the country in the past ten years.The discovery of reserves that had been estimated initially at 100 million barrels of oil, could reach 500 million barrels of crude oil. The largest oil reserves increase the autonomy of the Colombian economy in terms of oil resources at the time that increase the expected gains of Ecopetrol, who is the owner of portion of discovered resources. With everything that is happening around Ecopetrol, it is not surprising that their actions earn increasingly more attractive. On the day yesterday, the Colombia stock exchange closed with a rise of 2.69%, taking the index to a maximum of 14 months, in one of the busiest days of the year, product purchases in shares of Ecopetrol, after the news about the largest estimated reserves. The good news pushed up shares of Ecopetrol in Colombia by 4.89% and 6% in New York, increase that there will be able to enjoy those who follow our articles and have heeded our recommendations about the Colombian oil company.

And who have followed the recommendations of our new report from investment actions in bag of United States value Global July, our experienced analyst Paola Pecora international markets, have already seen their assets increase by 15% in just one month. It has recommended two key companies of great potential in emerging markets, and that if these companies have risen 15% with this tenuous recovery, imagine how much more can upload when the international economic recovery is secure. Click here to continue reading and start earning you also with Global value. The improvement in the volume of reserves implies also an additional strength to the Colombian economy that looks towards the long term and depending on that, made their economic policies.