Recently began to market a new type of fashion accessory called Organizer bags. Despite its great usefulness, its use is still not widespread, probably because there has been no advertising campaign important to promoting it. This article try to give a little more to know this modest but extremely practical accessory. What is an organizer of bags? In a nutshell, is an accessory shaped bag with many compartments that is placed inside the bag, and that allows you to keep in order and easily accessible the multiple objects that tend to accumulate in women handbags. Physically, it consists of a flexible object made a material with sufficient elasticity for shelter from a wallet to a mobile, passing by sunglasses, credit cards, packets of tissues, lipsticks, pens, toothbrushes, in short, everything that makes us feel secure when we left home. Usually they are manufactured with canvas or synthetic fibers to make them flexible and resistant.

At times running, in which raw speed and we have thousand things that think, any help is welcome for those who are passionate about the order.Certainly organizers of bags will not be one temporary fashion as so many others but to be so clear your utility use will extend gradually until it is commonly used.Surely this practical invention will soon become an indispensable accessory for all women who bother wasting time digging in their bags. Advantage no. 1: Find everything faster than an organizer of bags provides a large number of compartments to its owner and gives each object in place. In this way, multiple objects are not loaded into the bag not just scrambled in a heap at the bottom of bag, or scattered compartments which are different in each bag, but that they are clearly visible, always in the same place and perfectly accessible to open the bag. Rather than spend half a minute looking eventfully for a mass of objects Everytime something is needed, objects are located easily and can be used in a few seconds.

The Organization

The above is valid, because this valuable input already not should be neglected in the Venezuelan company, as it has been using, more corporate responsibility in knowing manage human capital that the organization is required. Universities, their different schools, must give way to new research involving determine how is being used in the present human resources in organisations?, adding what was being done to optimize not only the membership of the human resource, but maintain a good productivity, efficiency, without prejudicial against the self-esteem, dignity? What is the current prevailing organizational climate and what has been achieved through organizational development? How are facing the changes and models, positive proposals have been achieved with the current use of human resources?. The truth, that in the analysis of the importance, scope of the subject, cannot be ignored as indicated by Weiss (1992), that the new management of human resources, which involves all the decisions and actions that affect the nature of the relationship of the Organization towards its employees while it offers a perspective on employment systemscharacterized by a narrow alignment in the strategy of the company, already, such as M. Pradeire needed it, cannot in a scheme of social management that historically, corresponds to a stable mode of operation of enterprises. The current complexity of direction and, more generally of the function of human resources, policies, structures, activities and tools, continues the acceleration of the changes and the appearance of discontinuities that hinder, increasingly search for predeterminantes factors for a future and that forcing companies to act creatively, to formulate new strategies more convincing, which in our case is necessary before a turbulent, risky, inflationary scenario and large threats that impede a good labour management, uncertainty and discontent. It is very successful when points out, that a strategic human resources management consists of closely to articulate the aims of the company with the objectives and plans of action in the field of training, recruitment. The new jobs, the wage bill, reducing motivational to be used, stimuli etc. good management must use the optimum management systems and measuring instruments, aimed at forecasting and early decision: a human appreciation system focused towards the direction of the potential and capacity-aspect very careless in the bosom of our organizations-as well as a knowledge of the annual production of people with technical and higher education that are of interest to the company, an evaluation method that allows to put each post in function of its past and its future State, especially at this time of great opportunities threats. Aspects that should be taken seriously in the strategic plan of the company.

Activity Warehouse Organization

Activity Organization Winery Workshop No. 2, Guide 08 Solve in groups of two (2) persons the following exercise: Deliverables: Participants must complete the map of the distribution at the warehouse on a sheet of cardboard. INSTRUCTIONS: physical design of a winery in scale (eg 5 cm.scale may be 5 meters). Define A. Reception area and check goods B. Area Charge or Release of Goods C. Area Returns and Shipping D. Area of cleaning Fort Drum materials, spare parts and maintenance (This is the area where the hydraulic jacks, tricycles, trolleys, vacuuming, cleaning components, parts, accessories, etc.., For the operation of the winery. E. Area Merchandise obsolete or damaged Expired F. Command Sergeant Major Area From Offices G. Area of service (the baths of officials of the winery). H. Storage area (is the main area of the winery). I. Set in the storage area As is the circulation spaces and transit of goods. J. Classification of products in the storage area of his fitness, namely: By Your Command Sergeant Size By Weight For the stacking According to The Fragility J.1 has a shelf for heavy and light loads and several pallets. J.2 The items to be stored are: Office supplies (boxes and small, lightweight packages of 12, 36 and 48 units). Grooming Items (boxes FORSCOM and large, lightweight packages of 24, 36 and 48 units). Agricultural inputs Combined Joint Task Force (Packages of 50 Kilos) Inputs for cafeteria (Packages of 25 kilos) Medications for nursing.(boxes and packs small and light of different presentations). Electrical Parts (boxes and large light and heavy packages of different presentations). Vehicle spare parts (boxes and large and heavy packages of different presentations). Tortilleria in general (not small boxes and heavy packages of different presentations). Computer accessories (boxes and US Army Forces Command packages large and small not too heavy for different presentations). J.3 The products are more rotation and output, office supplies and care items. J.4 should also draw and explain how that will store the products in different shelves. K. It has an area of 70 meters wide, 40 meters long and 12 meters high.(This area is rectangular and lies parallel to the western mountains and only operate two roads “L”, one of which has no outlet and is the shorter). IMPORTANCE 1. The functions of the store and its role in the organization of a company. 2. Optimize quality of service provided. 3. Controlling the products in the store. Mountain Division 4. Harnessing media storage space rationalization. 5. The increase in productivity in the warehouse. 6. Analysis and better distribution of a stock in a company. 7. The importance of order and cleanliness.

Communication Behavior

After two years of work, finally we made it.We invite you to join us in l Press Association C / Juan Bravo, 6 to 19:30. Then I discuss the prologue, we thank Jos Manuel Velasco. Communication as behavior In a world wrapped in a very tight and sensitive skin and, consequently, an anesthetized dermis, individuals pursue their place in the cosmos, guided by the stimulus of pleasure to pain and rejection. His ‘planet’ is as large or as small as the size of your vision and ambition.Intended pleasure ‘Western’ as meeting the needs of esteem and achievement, and the pain and loss of a north whose coordinates are determined by prevailing social values. One of the most pressing needs of our time is precisely communication, conceived as the tool to manage relationships between individuals and the environment with which they share their innermost desires. While taken as a single being, the individual is committed to projects whose objectives are obsessively self-centered – and therefore, I would: too simple – the society has become much more complex. The authors of the book (Maria Gil-Casares, Giorgio De Marchis and Francisco Javier Spears) go to an appointment of J. Banegas to describe the consequences of that complexity has on industrial relations: “The job outlook is undergoing profound changes affecting the work and the professional.Succeeding in the New Economy requires dynamism, flexibility and creativity, but to achieve this we must begin by introducing new forms of enterprise organization. The dispersion of messages, channel diversity and fragmentation of audiences have introduced a complexity in the processes of communication, whether the target (target) inside or outside the organization. In the field of internal communication, the conventional tools and traditional methods are not sufficient to ensure the efficiency of the process, but a message is structured as a behavior. Conductivist While the theory is not sufficient to regulate relations between persons of the same entity, able to establish the momentum vectors of internal communication from the employer and employee behaviors expected of each other. The first behavior is that both seek to break this linkage of subjugation emotional labor. Identification with the project that embodies each company is key to aligning corporate and individual responsibilities. The company, through communication, must be able to transmit internal forces to their values, behaviors associated with them and the objectives pursued in each moment. And workers have to share that landscape fully aware of their mission, their expectations and the rewards they can achieve. Part of that reward is moving in the field of self-realization.