Renting A Car

Rent a car – a service which is now not the least of taxi services. Every year more and more firms are offering to rent a car – domestic or foreign car, with automatic or manual transmission, with or without driver. There is a possibility to get the car as a natural or juridical. person to do this you need to remember to take a driver’s license and passport of the Russian Federation. Rolling offices nominate only two limitations – the driving experience must be at least 2 years, age – 25 years. Making all the necessary documents does not take much time, after signing the act of reception-transmission cars begins the countdown of the lease. In the event that a lease contract refers to the full tank, you will need to return the filled cars or pay the missing amount of fuel.

If you accidentally break your the vehicle for some time, you will have the same car, so you should not engage in independent action and try to repair the car on their own, just enough call the rental agency. Rent a car – a serious matter, so all cars are insured for hull, but in case you find yourself guilty of committing a traffic accident, be prepared to take pre-prescribed contract law and liability. In addition to the rent, some of which can be paid in cash or by bank transfer, you will be required to pay a deposit, which will directly depend on the chosen car. If you do not have time to return the car in the document specified period of time, be sure to call the company to extend the lease, otherwise you will pay a penalty for an amount for each delayed an hour will increase. Rent a car – the service is relatively new, and some just do not dare to contact the rental company.

However, to take a while to rent a car very comfortable, and more intelligently, rather than use a taxi or public transport. You are completely free to choose the route, and move around. Adhering to the basic rules and not breaking the lease agreement, you will a full participant in traffic, as is the case if private car use. Car rental companies are virtually always help you to quickly solve the problem of the lack of an iron horse.