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Discovering Istanbul

Istanbul, the metropolis on the Bosporus was founded in the year 324 Emperor Constantine in Constantinople. It is the only city in the world that was built halfway between two continents, and this mixture and at the same time union feels every step that occurs in the city. In Istanbul you will find from a small hotel of only seven rooms located in an old building restored at the edge of the large city wall, to the classic and elegant hotel with swimming pool and terrace on the roof. There are also a lot of Istanbul hotels with spectacular views of the Bosphorus, highly recommended for couples, there are old residences of the vizier converted into hotel, where to spend a beautiful evening at the restaurant in the garden and enjoy the legendary Turkish hospitality. A boat trip on the Bosphorus is indispensable for all visitors who come to the city, the Princes ‘ islands are also worth a visit. Also can stroll in carriage to the purest style 19th century, time seems to have stopped. The Islands are not permitted cars, so they are all a source of relaxation compared to the bustling Istanbul. Also worth a visit the Torre Galatea, because from the viewpoint to 62 metres in height located on the Golden Horn you can enjoy privileged over the city views.

Just below the Tower there is a popular restaurant that cares very carefully for your guests with very rich dishes. Turkish sweets also deserve a special mention, as they are one of the strong points of the country’s cuisine. The Maiden Tower, a beautiful coffee day and a trendy nighttime restaurant is located on a small island at the entrance of the Bosphorus. They have that the tower was constructed for way to the daughter of a sultan against snake bites. Istiklal Caddesi is the so-called European heart of Estramul, here you will find numerous bookshops, stores music, galleries, cinemas and above all many avenues by which walk.