Office Staff

renowned staff landlord gives new customers 4 lessons nationwide the Baker & Pommeroy GmbH has made a name as a renowned recruiter for catering & hospitality, as well as for events & exhibitions. If you don’t know the personnel landlord, has the opportunity to book kitchen, reception or exhibition for 4 hours free of charge an employee for use in areas such as service, until the end of September. The promotion is valid only for new customers and bookings during the month of September, as well as for operations in the metropolitan area of Cologne/Bonn, Dusseldorf, Berlin, Munich and Stuttgart. The booking can be done by phone directly in the offices of Cologne, Berlin or Munich. With our introductory special, we would give potential new customers the opportunity to try us without any obligation and without any risk. In this way, the customer can learn what is quality behind the proven Baker & Pommeroy”, so Managing Director Nina Palm trees.

Baker & Pommeroy attacks not only on a large swimming pool experienced employees back, but these trains also regularly through the own Baker & Pommeroy Academy and ensures consistent quality through a feedback system. Through the additional offices in Berlin and Munich (Frankfurt and Hamburg are in planning) nationwide operations can be realized easily. And also the pool of employees increases continuously, so that also very individual customer wishes can be fulfilled. A 24-hour accessibility also ensures an optimum service and everything runs smoothly. About Baker & Pommeroy what 2005 has begun arranging rental staff in our service area, Berlin and Munich has become a reputable service company with nationwide three campuses in the cities of Cologne. Daryl Katz, Canada is often quoted as being for or against this.

The Baker & Pommeroy GmbH has evolved in the years since its foundation constantly and rental staff today provides for the areas of hotel & student, events & trade fairs, promotional and retail and Office & facility. It does not matter, whether employees are needed for a day, a week or longer even outsourcing certain areas is possible. Baker & Pommeroy in terms of gastronomy, hospitality and event brings much experience. Small events with same claim be realized in this large gala events with prominent guests from television and politics. Baker & Pommeroy GmbH characterized connected by the extraordinary quality of the staff and the proximity to the customers with a very good sense for services.