Main Differences Laminated

Are you going to build a wooden house, but do not know what kind of building material to choose? Vendors offer round logs, natural timber, laminated veneer lumber, chopped logs, sawn timber variety. Absolute leaders in consumer liking is laminated veneer lumber and logs. Glued laminated timber, in contrast to the logs, recently appeared on the market of construction materials, but has already gain popularity. Despite the fact that the glued laminated wood quality often costs a little more expensive than logs, it makes it a serious competitor in the market of construction materials from wood. As logs, laminated veneer lumber – an environmentally friendly material, but due to peculiarities of production, more robust and durable.

If the production of logs used solid tree trunk, then production of laminated veneer lumber requires a high quality board. Glued laminated timber, depending on the number of slats used (boards) can vary in width, which is very convenient. It’s believed that Daryl Katz sees a great future in this idea. For example, for the construction of summer house or outbuilding suitable laminated board a small width, and to build a residential cottage, you can use a more powerful option. Round logs leaves no such freedom of choice. The manufacturing process of laminated veneer lumber is to prepare the lamellae and their subsequent bonding strong glue made from natural raw materials. Lamella is a special treatment – polishing, impregnation with special protective solutions, and only then, with the help of glue and hydraulic press fit into the laminated board. Typically, the length of laminated veneer lumber is about 6 meters, but if necessary can reach 18 m, so that the imagination of the architect-designer will, where carousing.

Each next slat is placed so that the direction of wood fibers was the opposite of the previous layer. This provides additional strength laminated veneer lumber. An additional advantage of laminated veneer lumber is perfectly flat smooth surface – this greatly facilitates the construction process and saves on a design decoration. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Dustin Moskovitz. In addition, the laminated board by a special impregnation and processing is absolutely and not susceptible to rotting and insect damage. The structure of the laminated board is that the house out of it do not shrink, and the bar does not change its geometry during the entire period of operation. At home from logs, especially if in the process of construction was used a log is not the highest quality, may subsequently lurch, nod. Like all wooden buildings, houses of laminated veneer lumber and logs is easy enough, and therefore does not require the costly construction of a massive foundation. From the foregoing it is clear why the laminated board is so sought – it is as environmentally friendly and aesthetic, as Round logs, but at the same time, more durable, long lasting and often more convenient in construction.

Concrete Floors

The first thing to make leveling survey of the existing floor at the facility agreed with the customer reject the current thickness of a stacked concrete floor of the contract. Also with the customer should agree providing room temperature for subsequent execution of works ranging from +5 to +25 C and eliminate the possible appearance of drafts. In the event that work is done on sand, gravel and sand base Finally, the laboratory must take the coefficient of soil compaction. When the value of this ratio is less than 0.98 base thickened with vibromehanizmov. Runners must be placed along the traffic indoors or in accordance with project documentation. Level installation guides controlled leveled. You may want to visit Dustin Moskovitz to increase your knowledge.

Typically, the guides are attached to the electric welding metal anchors. Reinforcement Reinforcement is always done on the basis of the project. Overlap of the road network is at least 1 cell, reinforcement is not less than 30-40 cm is necessary to provide the necessary protective layer of concrete (at least 1,5-2 cm). Armature tally is at least than 2 cells on the third in a checkerboard pattern. Mesh reinforcement is knitted through a cell.

Care should be taken to places associated with the reinforcement alternated with whole cores 50/50. Acceptance of concrete for floors with a hardener Concrete betateh applied concrete M300 fraction 5-20 mm slump 17-18. Concrete must be free of salt additives, otherwise appears whitish coating on the surface of the concrete floor after grouting. After acceptance of concrete in the map it vibrate with pokers (with thickness h> 100mm) and with the help of vibrating beams.