Fantastic Magical Realism

It has always been difficult to define the boundaries between literary expression called magic realism and magic realism side and fantastic literature. Lucubration Before performing any of these terms, it is necessary a previous conceptualization of realism. To begin, we say that the critics have described as realism, an essay on the society, made from an artistic discourse. This situation makes that comes with novel Balzac and the nineteenth-dela, as opposed to the romantic vision, full of dreams, fantasies, ideal subjects. Asana may not feel the same. Given the latter, the realism takes a more human. It puts us in contact with normal people. In short, is a response to the new rising bourgeois society, a very practical and materialistic, in the broad sense of the term. Thus Balzac called his proposal, The Human Comedy.

She was a review of the French society of his time, including heinous aspects. Reality being analyzed in this way, we arrive at Zola's naturalism. This development is going to be critical in the twentieth century, with the Soviet revolution and the emergence of socialist realism, because it no longer picture of reality, to become subjectivity, in which art played a secondary role. For their part, Latin America, realism and Zolan Balzac and presented under the guise of a novel criollista, in parts, and Indian novelaa in others. In both sets embody the needs of large groups excluded, as are the aboriginal and non-indigenous rural communities. These requirements, sometimes, complaints are stark, as in Huasipungo, Jorge Icaza or blood All of Jose Maria Arguedas.