The Landscape

Since many people do not like the fact that their city is becoming like creativity – mathematics. Since usually written by the marker codes no meaningful value can not be held, and of course the landscape is not painted. With the pasted code is no such problem, but they can disrupt or unscrupulous command or an even more unscrupulous caretakers, plus putting up with their usual no one wants to bathe, because they must be prepared in advance. Plus of course complied with these unwritten rules as no glue and no paint codes on the monuments and other places of worship because of this you can get between the ears of both the state and from the fans of these same sites. 2) Interactive (or interpretation) – on arrival to the place team needs to find organizers who can get the code by solving a simple (or complex) tasks.

Assignments may be all sorts of cooking eggs improvised means to orienteering, or diving into the depths. Implementation team gets the job code. 3) casting. One of the most beloved players of jobs. Typically, the object is a what or abandoned (hence the name) and the building in which to find the code (usually not one, but 5-10).

Codes are usually snykany decently organized, so their search turns into a non-trivial process that requires care and skill. Complexity of this type of jobs usually consist in the fact that often casts that are games belong to someone else. And that someone is usually a damn do not welcome guests. Therefore, often there are problems with the law.