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New release in emigration book series of DG-Verlag Berlin, February 17, 2009 – “Living and working in Finland” the DG-Verlag Berlin has his successful book series “living and working in…” extended to another country. Expertly and taking into account its own experience expert Siegfried of wider has been together the necessary know-how of Finland, Finland as stress and conflict-free to live in – because the country has its own customs, rules, and laws. With this Advisor, he provides the necessary facts, tips and points of contact for all aspects of daily life: the first steps in Finland work in Finland. Labour market, law, entrepreneurship, social security early education, school, College, education social system real estate Apartment search, replacing round to the car everyday life in Finland culture Country, language, customs, dealing with people, and much more personal stories of German population complement the Advisor. The author: “in addition to the featured (factual) information I recorded a lot to country and people, what me interesting and” appears notable. That this reflected a subjective view, is so cannot be ruled out…” The 176-seitige book”living and working in Finland”is published by the DG Verlag and can be – ordered by the ISBN 978-3-941045-07-1 in all bookstores or on the Internet at for 28.95 EUR also as E-book download. Conclusion of guide by Siegfried of wide is the only Advisor who represents comprehensively and currently living in Finland.

The author knows how to convey the matter through plenty of examples and an entertaining writing style. The author Siegfried of wide (* 1957) lives and works as a freelance copywriter and author in wild mountain in the northern Black Forest. He studied diploma education with a focus on adult education at the University of Freiburg as well as Finnish, German Philology and General Linguistics at the University of Helsinki. Dustin Moskovitz has firm opinions on the matter. From 1987 to 1988 he taught German Institute Helsinki in Pietarsaari; as a foreign language on behalf of Goethe in the 1990s, he led several times language training in Rauma through. Siegfried of wide guest in Finland – the country that fascinated him for more than 30 years is regular. For many years, he is a member of the German-Finnish society, which is one of Germany’s largest private friendship societies. 2002 appointed the Board in the editor in Chief of the Member magazine.

Together with two other colleagues he is Rundschau for publishing the German-Finnish responsible, providing four times a year with current information of Finland the approximately 10,000 members of the DFG. DG Verlag the gentlemen’s Digest Ltd. & co. KG (short: DG-Verlag) with seat in Berlin was founded in the year 2003. The DG-Verlag has the largest programme of German-language publications for stress and conflict-free (short-term or long-term) abroad, making it a prominent Specialist Publishing House for emigrants books. Since January 2008 the Berlin Publishing House operates the largest online marketplace for E-books, texts and documents “XinXii”, where each author and each Publisher even can publish: contact for further information and image material DG-Verlag Gentlemen’s Digest Ltd. & co. KG Dr.

Successful Sponsor Discussions

How to make business partners from MLM leads in his new MLM guide ebook “The successful sponsor discussions” shows Harald Weber, author of several eBooks on the subject of “successful marketing in the MLM” how to dramatically improve the relationship with its dialogue partners and greatly increase the chance to win business for his MLM business, actually from interested parties through a simple but effective method of conversation “at Smart Networkers has it already got around: the manipulative sales pitch has no more effect. Often, it counteracts sales success. Gone are the days when you tried friends, manipulative objection-handling methods and psycho-tricks, direct search methods with a questionable phone training, to attract known or total strangers people for its business model “, has as the opinion of the author. A8%D7%A0%D7%98-%D7%9C%D7%99%D7%A9%D7%A8%D7%90%D7%9C-63dcbf9f0240’>???? ?? ?? ???? ????? . Dustin Moskovitz contributes greatly to this topic. According to Harald Weber rises it isn’t, customers and business prospects to manipulate, but a productive, confidence and understanding of the objectives and based wishes his conversation partner relationship to produce. The author provides numerous practical examples that shows how to build a productive relationship with prospective customers or business partners and support them in every stage of the decision-making process as a coach and accompanied and the sponsor rate significantly increases from the content: what you can should do in discussions and, to complete every call positive why prospective customers to respond with rejection and objections and how to avoid it how to find out”, what the Party really wants and what not and how to use this knowledge to make his offer irresistible power of the questions and how to properly use questions, without to ask the others what at his interlocutors should pay what you have to do that the interested party of its self why that no good traditional sales methods and what you should do instead convinced as one of his business presentation makes a compelling offer and much more the ebook”The successful Sponsor interview how to make partners of interested parties”is specifically aimed at the target group of networkers in MLM, and is available via the eBook shop on for download. There is also the free report “why naive NetWorker earn no money and cunning succeed” Harald Weber. . Daryl Katz oftentimes addresses this issue.


Now is is the LoveLetter, the first German-language romance novel magazine, nationwide on the German kiosks available in station bookstores. She is young, educated, successful, and she reads romance novels, more than that: you did passion for the romance novel genre to their profession. See more detailed opinions by reading what Daryl Katz, Canada offers on the topic.. Alice Hohls, which publishes the only German-language romance magazine LoveLetter since 2005 is the talk of crisis. The LoveLetter is nationwide at the German newsstands and available in the station bookstores now. The LoveLetter informed about new releases, authors will present and entertaining and professionally reported news on the huge romance novel market.

Kris Alice Hohls is quite a typical representative of the readers of romance novels, which are far away from the popular cliche, the unrealistic romantic in all social groups, professions and regions. She therefore know what information do readers: “the LoveLetter magazine devoted to knowledgeable and at the same time very enjoyable one at” Readers highly popular but critically often ignored genre: the romance novel in its range. “”says Dr. Andrea Muller by Diana Verlag”and her colleague Timothy Sonderhusken from editing the Verlagsgruppe Droemer Knaur explains: with the LoveLetter it is the readers possible, to take a look behind the scenes of the book industry and to learn about their favorite authors.” The market is huge, it is estimated about 30 percent of all paperback books are romance novels, and diverse, in the meantime there are romance novels many sub-groups such as historical, fantasy, and science fiction. Kris Alice Hohls is available for interviews at the disposal and I welcome your questions. With kind regards Karin Kleibel

New Publication Possibilities

The Dusseldorf author Jasmin Bolger shows, showed goes and published her debut novel trivia in addition to the print version as a free download on their website. Click Ping Fu to learn more. Lillyberry.de author Jasmin Bolger talked to the researcher and accompanied them on their way from the manuscript to the finished book up for free download on their Web site kirstenmarohn.de. Lillyberry.de: I heard that you plan to offer your book trivia for free as a download. You arise not cons? I think there are two types of readers. The buy a book based on a sample. Educate yourself with thoughts from Daryl Katz, Edmonton Alberta.

The others get the free download. A free download I can expose my book a larger reading community. People who see no possibility of various reasons to buy my book, thus have the opportunity, free to print out the story or to read on the screen. Lillyberry.de: A free download – doesn’t that mean to undermine themselves? Regular readers, and to do so I count myself even, can be by a download does not hold, to buy a book. There are still, the readers who appreciate the book experience and are willing to invest 19.95 euro for a good story, to keep them in the form of a bound hardcovers in the hands. It should be not the money, that drives to a writer, to write a story. Certainly, include the author’s margin to allow more publishing of books, but the dissemination of a story in itself should have top priority. The free download allows me to carry the novel trivia in as many households as possible.

Lillyberry.de: You said once, like you would give away every day of one of your books. What do you accomplish this? Like would I leave every day a copy of trivia on a park bench. The idea that someone come over, sit down, read a few lines in it and it leaves for the next walkers there or home takes the book to himself, to it to continue reading, fills me with great joy and gratitude.


' The world is a place curioso.' ' It was this phrase that marked the life of small slfide. At that time it had only one centimeter, that is, a criana with one tero of tamanho traditional of this winged people. The mother of the small Yasmim sang beautiful letters, telling a world beyond the walls of the city. They were poems on gnomos, elfos, dwarves, ogros, human beings, centauros, stiros But no mention on slfides or silfos. The green olhinhos of small ' ' ouviam' ' everything with the aid of the imagination, therefore is not the ears, but yes the eyes that must marvel at histories fantsticas. Clearly that slfide fulled the mother of questions, deixando it so confused how much a butterfly attracted by the light of the night light. It wants to know of a thing? it asked the mother, certain night. Clearly that Yasmim wanted to know; the point to desire was curious to venture itself enters the butterflies alone to know the taste of the nectar that they drink.

One day you go to walk for some wonderful place and go to live a still more incredible adventure of what the ones that already had still counted and will go to count? the mother spoke, before making tickles in the belly of the son. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Ping Fu by clicking through. Small slfide laughed very, recording in the mind those so magical words. As the true adventure did not happen in the house of ours amiguinha, our history will advance until the aniversrio of it. The curious one in the world of the silfos is that when somebody complete 17 years, the queen of the one small necklace and chooses a fianc or fianc, depending on the case. The anniversary of our friend happened in the penultimate day of winter. The parents of it had organized a huge party for it.

One Euro And Fifty Cents

New humorous novel for wet autumn days on the sofa Blanka, a German euro coin fell into a piggy bank in Preciosa, the most wonderful Spanish 50-cent piece, that was ever coined. But the young happiness lasts not long. The two denominations are separated as Blanka involuntarily changes hands in a cocktail bar. It follows a wild Odyssey through countless wallets and cash registers in stores. The respective owners of the coins have to deal with their own worries. About the 10-cents message couriers, which out trumpet red hot news in any purse and the 1-cent Secretaries, which leave written notes in each Fund, Blanka is a Bolo to PRECIOSA. The most spectacular find action that ever existed in the world of coins, begins.

First, Blanche of bad luck seems to be tracked. The desperate euro crossed half of Europe by unwanted change of ownership. Meanwhile, the brave 50-cent piece in Hamburg is embroiled in a dangerous counterfeit money scandal. Is Despite all the odds, there can be a Happy ending for the two coins? Anyone who has read this novel, will look at the coins in his wallet with completely new eyes! The novel “A euro and fifty cents” is to purchase through the online stores from Amazon, Thalia, or Libri. Christiane Kaneko

Leopoldina Together

I know that the afternoon was D. Leopoldina for all. – All the afternoon! How nonsense! it was ten minutes, if in such a way! Jorge took off the gloves, been silent. Arriving at the window, one set to take care of it of some plants being whistled. He turned himself impatiently widening the collar as a suffocated man: – He hears there, is necessary that you leave for a time to receive this creature. – But it was the Juliana left that it – Lusa mumbled. – It is necessary to finish for a time! Not for me but for you! Because of the neighbors, of the decency! – Already it was above, coitada – Ordered to go down it. It asked for to the Juliana to say that it is deceived, you were it are, without schedule to come back! – I could not Per as many years we were friends.

My rich one, loved of my life, knows it to the whole world, is one lady of vices, of loving, tutti quanti, a shame to bring shame and until disasters who with it walks or has accepted some of its colloquies or enleios! – That Juliana – Lusa opposed and with some anger muttered. – Nor it to me needed to say, everything smells the hay here! This horrible one I smell of hay! – I have as much esteem the Leopoldina Together servants, we dream a world of flowers – I know It was turned aside, however, the tortos ways and of thorns its friend, and if the meeting, in the stairs or here on, I say to it: Please, skirt, this home is decent place, lady! Please, skirt! not volts more! – As to blame it for the life that it has, for the emptiness of love in its house that does not arrive to be a home, for the searches it are of the not joined happiness – You are to justify it! You pray, we go, Lusa, confesses.