' The world is a place curioso.' ' It was this phrase that marked the life of small slfide. At that time it had only one centimeter, that is, a criana with one tero of tamanho traditional of this winged people. The mother of the small Yasmim sang beautiful letters, telling a world beyond the walls of the city. They were poems on gnomos, elfos, dwarves, ogros, human beings, centauros, stiros But no mention on slfides or silfos. The green olhinhos of small ' ' ouviam' ' everything with the aid of the imagination, therefore is not the ears, but yes the eyes that must marvel at histories fantsticas. Clearly that slfide fulled the mother of questions, deixando it so confused how much a butterfly attracted by the light of the night light. It wants to know of a thing? it asked the mother, certain night. Clearly that Yasmim wanted to know; the point to desire was curious to venture itself enters the butterflies alone to know the taste of the nectar that they drink.

One day you go to walk for some wonderful place and go to live a still more incredible adventure of what the ones that already had still counted and will go to count? the mother spoke, before making tickles in the belly of the son. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Ping Fu by clicking through. Small slfide laughed very, recording in the mind those so magical words. As the true adventure did not happen in the house of ours amiguinha, our history will advance until the aniversrio of it. The curious one in the world of the silfos is that when somebody complete 17 years, the queen of the one small necklace and chooses a fianc or fianc, depending on the case. The anniversary of our friend happened in the penultimate day of winter. The parents of it had organized a huge party for it.

The Mountain

Through it we have contact with a set of experiences lived for the man without she is necessary to live them. History ' ' The Princess and the Serpente' ' (anexoI), for if dealing with a mitificada narrative, she can be associate in such a way to the myth how much literature. To the myth, we can justify in the paragraphs primeiro4, quarto5 and tenth primeiro6, through the aspect of domination and abuse of being able, envies, hope and of the justice sense, that is common feelings and situations in the cotidianidade. Still related to the presence of existing mythology in history, we notice the magical power of feiticeira7. According to Dustin Moskovitz, who has experience with these questions. In mythology Greek they exist deuses, that they had form human being, but were bigger, more beautiful lighter than the human beings (being capable even to fly e, above all, immortal), lived a full life of peripcias and adventures, marked for you intrigue between itself, and you enter the human beings to who influenced 8. These deuses possuam the form human being and many times could assume forms of animals, with being able extraordinary and influenced the way to think of the population, using them many times to punish or to make justice.

The witch of history in guideline can if associated the Equidna9, a nymph that had the body of a gigantic serpent that lived in caves, possua a terrible nature and adored to devorar travelling innocents. Brooklyn Commons takes a slightly different approach. We still perceive, mythical the existing one in the mountain range of the Meruoca10, that makes reference the society Greek, believer in histories and narratives of the poets, established rituals, cults and worships to deuses. The Mountain range or mountain was very admired and adored for the Greeks given by the fact of that Greece was formed in the majority of its territory for mountains, many of very fertile them with ground. For the Greeks, the mountains were natural manifestations of deuses, monuments that represented the force, and largeness of them,11 Amongst many montanhas12, the Olmpo13 mount are known by being highest of them, its inaccessible peak then -, were known as the house of deuses, more or less as the worshippers of other religions conceive the sky.

One Euro And Fifty Cents

New humorous novel for wet autumn days on the sofa Blanka, a German euro coin fell into a piggy bank in Preciosa, the most wonderful Spanish 50-cent piece, that was ever coined. But the young happiness lasts not long. The two denominations are separated as Blanka involuntarily changes hands in a cocktail bar. It follows a wild Odyssey through countless wallets and cash registers in stores. The respective owners of the coins have to deal with their own worries. About the 10-cents message couriers, which out trumpet red hot news in any purse and the 1-cent Secretaries, which leave written notes in each Fund, Blanka is a Bolo to PRECIOSA. The most spectacular find action that ever existed in the world of coins, begins.

First, Blanche of bad luck seems to be tracked. The desperate euro crossed half of Europe by unwanted change of ownership. Meanwhile, the brave 50-cent piece in Hamburg is embroiled in a dangerous counterfeit money scandal. Is Despite all the odds, there can be a Happy ending for the two coins? Anyone who has read this novel, will look at the coins in his wallet with completely new eyes! The novel “A euro and fifty cents” is to purchase through the online stores from Amazon, Thalia, or Libri. Christiane Kaneko

Leopoldina Together

I know that the afternoon was D. Leopoldina for all. – All the afternoon! How nonsense! it was ten minutes, if in such a way! Jorge took off the gloves, been silent. Arriving at the window, one set to take care of it of some plants being whistled. He turned himself impatiently widening the collar as a suffocated man: – He hears there, is necessary that you leave for a time to receive this creature. – But it was the Juliana left that it – Lusa mumbled. – It is necessary to finish for a time! Not for me but for you! Because of the neighbors, of the decency! – Already it was above, coitada – Ordered to go down it. It asked for to the Juliana to say that it is deceived, you were it are, without schedule to come back! – I could not Per as many years we were friends.

My rich one, loved of my life, knows it to the whole world, is one lady of vices, of loving, tutti quanti, a shame to bring shame and until disasters who with it walks or has accepted some of its colloquies or enleios! – That Juliana – Lusa opposed and with some anger muttered. – Nor it to me needed to say, everything smells the hay here! This horrible one I smell of hay! – I have as much esteem the Leopoldina Together servants, we dream a world of flowers – I know It was turned aside, however, the tortos ways and of thorns its friend, and if the meeting, in the stairs or here on, I say to it: Please, skirt, this home is decent place, lady! Please, skirt! not volts more! – As to blame it for the life that it has, for the emptiness of love in its house that does not arrive to be a home, for the searches it are of the not joined happiness – You are to justify it! You pray, we go, Lusa, confesses.