The House

Who is now must watch probably soon that day money rates pass the terms of its investment. Another way of investment during the euro crisis and other shares are of course. Securities and many related derivatives are always a possibility. But be careful. More detailed knowledge of the matter does not, unless it leaves decisions to the Anlagebratern and Fondmanagern.Derivate are too complicated for most and are justifiably considered very risky. But what about stocks? So-called blue chips, so shares of large companies, which only very rarely disappear from the market (never say never again) would have to be attractive yet? And some pay a dividend from the investors dream.

Also, inflation numbers in stock prices are included, so that from the side not should threaten. But: Expresses the expectation of rising interest rates as we know on the exchange-traded securities. Losses are in the House. Who hasn’t the nerve to sit out losses, going to sleep very badly. Psychological factors have a decisive influence on rates. And sometimes Kostolanys 10 years not enough sleep also. An alternative is real estate? Stay nor the much-vaunted real estate. Who bought that without credit and even uses, is ever on the safe side.

Saved rent is return on investment. No withholding tax now as well as on all gains and of course the dividends and interest anyway. The exempted amount is ridiculous. Real estate, purchased largely on credit, again revealed a very different Bill. And lasting value or increase occurs only rarely. At least for Otto normal earners. Conclusion: Now we have become a bit smarter through this article. You can not expect that, because financial markets and monetary policy is made by people and they are unpredictable. And it was not my intention to provide advice, to illuminate this topic let alone, all-encompassing. Maybe better off who don’t even know these problems are. Who has nothing left, can sit back and completely relax. Yet…Interest paid each. In all goods and services, those involved with in the price. But that would be another issue again.