Management Skills

MANAGEMENT and know listen to Carlos Mora Vanegas many managers are failing their interrelations personal, especially with his team, because they have neglected, have not cultivated tolerance of listening, very important aspect that should know handle. What are the reasons that prevent that achieves is listening? What prevents it? How to achieve this? they are topics that must be considered by the Manager, if you really want help to express a full identification with the needs, concerns that his subordinates want to manifest. In an analysis on this topic Alexis Hill reports us, that the ability of listening is more difficult to find and develop that the be good Communicator, but provides more authority and influence than the latter, say specialists. If you are good Communicator, but can’t hear, it risks eloquently express things that do not interest his interlocutor. In addition, you will be deprived of receiving information and knowledge that other means would not be. Goleman, gives us that among the benefits of listening are the following: elevates the self-esteem of spoken, because it allows you to feel that what it says is important for the listener and, with this, the communication and interrelation are made more fluid, respectful and pleasant. Allows the listener to identify interests and feelings of the speaker and, thus, it may be more effective in communicating with your partner.

The potential of conflict was reduced due to misinterpretations in communications. You will learn the knowledge and perceptions of the other. Wide frame of reference, culture and interests of the listener. Who listen carefully, projects an image of respect and intelligence. Surely we all heard the expression that so-and-so is wise, which carefully listens to you when you talk. Schein, complains that interrupt others is one of the most common and destructive communication behaviors. The majority of people usually have little awareness of how frequent and rudely interrupt others, convinced that he has to say something more important than what goes on to say that was talking.