Mendoza Trip

When the vacations are programmed, sinfn of people chooses Mendoza of Argentina, to enjoy the beautiful landscapes that offer. Kahuak, is the tourism in Mendoza. It is the possibility of knowing each place funny way and of turning this trip, in an unforgettable experience. If you are not wanted to lose nothing of the wonderful mendocino world, this is the alternative that will let to you enjoy your better vacations in Mendoza. Kahuak is a company that offers designed tourist packages in accordance with each necessity. Because each person is different. Each trip, is different, and it knows it to Kahuak. For this reason she offers an adapted service to each necessity, with tariffs chords to the budget del that you arrange, so that you do not lose yourself don’t mention it.

Account with a trained human equipment, that is in charge from the planning of the trip, the lodging and the excursions, to of the customized attention and the coordination of each excursion, so that your trip is unique and special. If you want to plan your vacations in Mendoza, but you do not know the place and you do not know as they would be the best sites stops to visit, you only must complete the form that is in In the company they will suggest the best option to you for you. You can choose alojarte in inns, hostels, hotels; in the city, in the mountain and until in warehouses. According to the type of lodging by that you choose, you will have many places to decide what adapts better to your requirements. In addition, Kahuak offers the possibility you of realising: .

Tourism ventures. By means of the coordination of specialized tour guides, you will be able to sink in the adrenalin to sail by torrentosos rivers, of scaling mountains, realising cavalcades, to go to the warehouses in mountain bike, to descend from a mountain in hang-glider and to cross precipices and landscapes in a vehicle that is preparation for such aim. Wine Tours. You will know the techniques tasting, to enjoy afternoons of tea outdoors, to take a walk in bicycle by the wonderful wine producing landscapes, to observe the plantations of vineyards by means of a globe stroll, to know the steps that go from the plantation grape until the presentation of the wine in the table, and to cross all type of warehouses. Enterprise activities. In order to develop the potential of the work parties and to create union in the enterprise groups, many companies decide on the survival excursions. In the sector enterprise activities, the groups of companies can scale mountains like the Aconcagua and realise survival activities outdoors to fortify themselves like equipment. Also, the companies concur taking to the members of each family of the equipment, to realise recreational activities like gastronomical events, cavalcades, expeditions 4 4 xs and archaeological tourism, among others. Another option that offers east package, is the one of organization of integral corporative events. This entails transfers, lodging, place and date of meetings or events, complementary activities, dinners and entertainments. Kahuak, has a package of trip for each pleasure. It is the best ally so that you can enjoy totally your vacations in Mendoza and turn this stroll, in a unique and unforgettable trip.