The word euthanasia comes of the Greek, who means good death, although if questioned, if really he would have a good death. In some cases, it is not only the medical procedure properly said in itself, but the circumstances which this word so weighed are involved. It is much more of what a question of personal or professional ethics, is a question of knowledge of itself exactly and of what this indication can provide, as much of I alliviate, how much of weighing. For the most part of the cases, it is a humanitarian attitude with the family and the proper animal. This is one of the resources more serious than a professional veterinarian can launch, in cases where more hope or perspective of improvement of the clinical picture is not had. They are cases where the family makes of everything the possible one and a little of the impossible one to obtain to get an improvement in the conditions of life of its animal.

When if it thinks about euthanasia, is thought only about the death about itself, however it is necessary to emphasize that it has one I alliviate in such a way for the animal, how much for its family, after all, this is not a procedure that must be used in any case. In general, the familiar ones that they accept the indication of the procedure on the part of a medical coherent and responsible veterinarian, not only know that it is a difficult decision, for the familiar ones, but also for the proper doctor. After all, when hand of all is launched the possible and available resources, observing the quality of life of the patient, and its possibilities of recovery, come of it the indication, that no matter how hard the familiar ones delay the decision, finally, fits to the veterinarian to inform the moment that it must be taken, displaying always of sincere form and easy assimilation, which the possibilities and what it can occur. To mine to understand, never is a simple action, to inform that ' ' melhor' ' or ' ' more aconselhvel' ' either the accomplishment of the procedure, but is part of the being a good doctor, above all, ethical and respeitador of the desires of the relatives, to accept the desire, always to deal with the situation, displaying the truth.