Being a Winner

Carlos Mora Vanegas while stay alive in this dimension, we are committed to not ever lose the goal of being a winner in all things where we operate, in which undertake, it will all depend of as we know how to manage our energy potential, our knowledge of autoconocernos, know how we act, how we prepare in everything we want to achieve, do not forget that we must be the bestgive the best we have on the basis of our growth. Since then, we have two significant roles as the winner in our performance, the spiritual, which is the transcendental, that which nourishes our soul, which gives way to its growth and us leads to optimal levels of consciousness, knowing the opportunity to properly handle our potential, our experience, and put into practice all that learning we have been acquiring through our demonstrations at these levels. Is the material role, physicist, also the common, the one that offers us fame, illusions, material satisfactions, recognition, money, works, that not to know them handle, be attentive in its effects may damage us in our spiritual success. In this regard, we try to expose some aspects that should be considered when you have the decision to become be a winner, be Deicide in it. To do so, some suggestions, opinions, warnings have been taken into consideration, advice which we believe can help in this goal. Without a doubt, we shall confine ourselves to what we consider important to be evaluated, thoughtful, taken into account. Considerations, suggestions someone wrote that you’ll be a winner if it takes into account: when your selfishness does not limit your ability to love when you trust yourself though all doubt it and stop worrying that you will say when you know distinguish the smile of mockery and prefer the eternal struggle to false victory when you act out of conviction and not by flattering when you can being poor without losing your wealth and rich without losing humility when you know forgive easily when you now apologize when you know give your silence who do not ask the word and your absence who doesn’t appreciate you when you don’t try to find answers in the things that surround you but in your own person when you accept mistakes and don’t miss the calm.