Getting Organized

We can change the world we live in with just a click of that mouse, and so that s what we do meet a new friend, join a new social network, make a new best friend forever of the week. We live in a world where we all have a mouse that roars. We can change the world we live in with just a click of that mouse, and so that’s what we new social network, a new friend, join a make a new best friend forever of the week do meet. It can get hard to keep track of the hordes of messages, ideas and changes that pile in, competing for our time and attention, and more come at US every day, bringing even more choices and making more demands. It can be enough to make you want to throw up your hands and hit delete on the whole thing… Or get organized – a challenge that, for some, is really not too hard to face…… But first, let’s just clean up and file all those papers on the desk. Make sure the surface is spotless.

Give that desktop a coat of wax; Polish it and then polish it some more until it shows can see our reflection… Oh, and it’s been a while since the dog’s been for a walk, so better take care of that now… And what about that kitchen sink full of dirty dishes… And all that laundry that’s been piling up over the past few weeks… And it seems like forever since the last time the grout in the bathroom tiles were cleaned… Geez, isn’t it about time ready for a nap…… And dream about getting organized… At organizing email least addresses will never again be a problem.

Spacelocker keeps the address book tucked safely on the middle shelf. Once you import the addresses from all your existing email accounts into your Spacelocker address book, you’ll be able to access them from any computer anywhere. All email addresses from any number of accounts are always at hand and backed up in one place. No need to copy them or move them ever again, as long as you keep them with Spacelocker