Kelly Organization

As the company will be dealing with professional talentos, the same one will have that to be prepared in relation to the management of people, therefore each talent understands a different diversity and different values, the form as the organization to deal with these talentos will be the result of the development and the generation of the competitive advantage for the organization, leading in consideration that the necessary company to manage at the same time the recent talentos and the talentos oldest of the company. The Smiths and Kelly (1997), explanam on the subject, affirming that the organizations need to balance the expectations of the force of more experienced work and to create incentives for the new employees, and if this will not be managed of efficient form, the new employees will feel, and with reason, that will be in disadvantage when competing with its older colleagues. when attracting the best ones, the company will be dealing with people of all the forms, sizes, colors and ages. diversity must be understood and received if the organizations they wait to attract the best ones, the QE (emotional and social intelligence) will be so excellent, if not more excellent, that the QI in if treating to the best talentos. However, to only catch the intellectual capital does not add value to the organization: it is necessary to develop and to hold back the professional.

For this, the companies must create pleasant environments of work, incentives to the employees and promote a management participativa. The development of the intellectual capital possesss more importance in the processes to manage this asset, therefore with human development that if arrives at the value added for the company. Regarding the new management of people some authors explain, for example as the citation: When developing the best professionals, the organization of the necessary future to make use of a strategical function of human resources.