On The Right

HUGRO organic bed and Nagerfloor are cosy warm it doesn’t know documents of which rodent, slide the uncomfortable feeling when loud rooting soil of rodent home blank ahead and the small feet unintentionally through the area? HUGRO Nagerfloor here effective remedy: like a carpet the surface of pure, natural hemp fibre covered the ground. Nest building is ideally suited the floor, zerrren the little ones like to him around and bring him to their preferred form according to taste. At the same time, the material is toy that allows Herum gnaw is fine it. So, rodents are always well busy. And finally the climate-regulating hemp mat has proven as bedding. For those who like even softer, selects the rodents bio bed. It consists of fine, soft hemp fibers and can be transformed into a pleasant, hygienic rodents bed perfectly. So your loved ones sleep naturally.

Also suited the material to the nest, it is yet very flexible, malleable. In all cases, organic bed holds mouse and Hamster from From boredom. Finally, rodents especially love two things in the world: gnaw and tear that makes you happy! The disposal of organic bed and Nagerfloor works simply and environmentally friendly compost or compost bin. More information:. Document for publication to Silvia Rutter requested; high-resolution imagery at any time about Silvia Rutter; Photocredit: HUGRO GmbH.