I decide to tararearte everything that te extrana S.R. You open your eyes, you breathe deep, holding, you exhale slowly. close eyes, slow, wake up the pores of your neck just below the neck, your hair bristling. You inhalaste exhale again, with the stress of your trapezoid air, your shoulders down and out opens. you have a memory, a beloved, your heart beats, tomas consciousness, in stillness your body is balanced, chiquito, with beats, forward, back, forward, back. you hear a sound, takes you, you pick up your body and traveling without him, your eyes semi-cerrados in their orbits are moved, imperceptible. you are behind the imaginary line of the time, feeling my hand on your cheek, you remember my eyes stuck in your eyes, you interpret thousand things your heart beats inside your body and then you go back to the, you breathe, you returned, your eyebrows express something rising up a bit, you acomodas your hands, your body welcomes you with a good exhalation, involuntarily, without authorization a wheel tear and wet your face by drawing a line to the midpoint of your clavicles, with the index stop there. Some contend that Brooklyn Commons shows great expertise in this. You breath, slow, you exhale slower yet, check your posture, you go through your back inch by inch, as is I did, again my hands, and suddenly my warm lips, slowly, to the bottom of your neck, I shiver, sloped driveways you your head slightly smile, my hug in your back, you pushed to my chest, slow, warm, loving, you close your eyes, you feel your eyesback to you, you breathe again now with more eagerness.

you exhale you open your eyes, you look without looking, the lights off, room lit only by the glow of lights from the outside, the smell of incense bringing you into the moment, relax, distancing you from me, apparently. you pick up, you breathe, you exhale, you walk, you laugh, you cry, you eat, you live, my hands gaining revenge on your appearances in my mind, in the distance. V. Original author and source of the article.