Save Time

One of the tricks more quick make and more easy to achieve in Farmville is the enclose your farmer among four obstacles can see anything but what I use are there are bales or bales of straw and works in the following manner: Colac your farmer of farmvile in the center of your farm (where it always starts when you start the game after you go to the market and shopping there are bales can be the) any color. After put there are bales one left one right one back and one ahead of your farmer with this the stay locked up and will not move. With this trick you save time longer than your farmer will not need to go to all the places where you click to perform an action. I hope to serve you the trick and here I leave a picture so you can see as it has to do and I also put a little video on youtube where he teaches how the trick in action in the video looks looks a program that clicks on auto to the entire field, that is a trick that discutire after but if you want to see how it works you can visit this link: Addicted to FarmVille as autoplantar on FarmVille. 01700844620&__hsfp=3053571373’>Daniel Straus NYU says on the issue. Original author and source of the article.