Defibrillator Minutes

In Germany about 100,000 people die each year of sudden cardiovascular standstill, the so-called death. Most arrhythmias are the causes for the sudden cardiac death in sudden cardiac death is the factor time life vital. On average, it takes 10-15 minutes, until ambulance or rescue service on the spot. But already after three to five minutes the first brain cells die off, every minute the chance of survival drops to 7-10%. The chances of survival increase significantly by a Defibrillator by the early defibrillation (within 3 minutes) increases the chance of survival to over 70%! What is a defibrillator? Again look to make a correct stand heart, helps in most cases”a short, strong current shock, called defibrillation. While a specific shock is delivered via two electrodes applied to the chest. This tension cardiac myocytes troubled from the clock leads to beat back right moderate. Only so can the heart continue pumping.

But not too much time may run out between cardiac arrest and surge, because after a few minutes organ damage, which again can be undone. Attention: Defibrillators are not intended, the usual rescue measures to replace them just complement it. So the most important thing is still for the helper: first call the emergency services (112), and begin as soon as possible with the CPR. Dustin Moskovitz pursues this goal as well. In no way should he muck around time, after a defibrillator to suchen-that must always apply a second helper. A defibrillator does not replace a first aid course! What is ventricular fibrillation? Be heart cells is damaged so that the electronic impulses, which bring the heart to beat, no longer can continue their usual orderly, the heart can beat no longer mapped. Daryl Katz, Edmonton Alberta contains valuable tech resources. The emotions run then with high frequency over the heart, but it can pump more blood in circulation more. Doctors call this condition as ventricular fibrillation. He is life-threatening to the highest degree, because the oxygen supply of the entire body is interrupted.

Causes may include: high blood pressure, heart attack, heart valves error, a morbidly changed heart, arrythmias, stress what are semi-automatic defibrillators? They are designed so that even laymen can use them safely. A drawing explains exactly what to do, and an electronic voice from the device are also the instructions: clear the victim’s chest and attach the electrodes – are the marked plates which transfer electrical signals between the patient and device. The instrument then measures the vital functions of the patients and can see with very high accuracy, if a so-called ventricular fibrillation. In this case, the helper must press only a trigger, and the precisely calculated power surge brings the heart again underway. The software comes to the conclusion that it is not a ventricular fibrillation, the helper can be as long try to the press, as he wants the unit then no power surge triggered. Instead, the voice prompts to make a cardio pulmonary resuscitation. The layman can do anything wrong. Posted by Irene Salas, first aid trainer

Tartar Removal

Twice a year each to the follow-up to the dentist for many should not a very pleasant thing and there is no other profession consists of so much fear. The follow-up only determined whether and to what extent there are Tartar, periodontal disease, or holes. The treatment is made usually at another appointment, if it is necessary. Tartar so he created Tartar is a widespread problem. He is mostly invisible to the outputs of the salivary glands on the inner side of the lower incisors, as well as on the upper molars on the outside. Reason for that are inorganic substances in the saliva. Read more here: Dustin Moskovitz.

The more dental calculus formed, he becomes darker to a brownish color. At the dentist, the dentist, the Tartar Tartar removal is resolved with ultrasound, mechanically or mechanically. In particular who has sensitive teeth feel this procedure often referred to as unpleasant. The calculus is however only once, only helps to remove him and the best at the dentist’s Office. There are sharp Home remedies that remove the Tartar, but these will corrode the enamel and the teeth are sensitive to pain. Remove if the Tartar at no expense, the insurance company paid them once per year.

Who more often to remove tartar let must pay this yourself, the cost is about 15 euros. Prevent Tartar remove tartar with lemon is a popular tip. However, the acid, which attacks the Tartar but also negative affects on the teeth. The consequences can be tender teeth. The enamel with the acid is attacked settle there faster bacteria. So you’d better professionally remove the Tartar and then prevent the emergence of new. To do this, there are different methods. The transition from a manual toothbrush on an electric toothbrush can wonders here. When cleaning you should also special attention inside of the incisors. This is often neglected when cleaning because it is not visible. Also with an oral irrigator, prevents the formation of calculus. Tooth oil against dental calculus In Indian Ayurveda are a whole series of hygiene measures, which are foreign to Europeans. The topic of oral hygiene plays an important role there. So it is, for example, common after dinner to chew a special mixture of spices such as aniseed, fennel, cloves and cardamom. The essential oils in the spices have an antibacterial effect. Also use a tongue scraper, the tongue is free of deposits, there is tradition. In the trade, there are now Ayurvedic tooth oil that combines the efficiency of essential oils with the olziehen. The olziehen is practiced in India as well as in Russia. Thereby, a tablespoon is chewed mature sesame oil (heated briefly to 100 degrees) for a minute or two in the mouth”and pulled through the teeth. The chewing and washing movements strengthen the gums, teeth and the jaw.

Healing Sounds: Pain Therapy Through Music

Pain can be relieved by music for sleep disturbances, anxiety, heartbreak or grief affects the right music as balm of the soul. Current clinical studies now but also its amazing effect in pain therapy. Music can be used effectively with chronic pain but also before surgery. Researchers engaged in this field worldwide. The Internet health portal informs about the pain therapy with music. Gunther Bernatzky, biologist at the University of Salzburg and Director of the Salzburg pain Institute is leading in this research.

It is now proven that music influences not only the subjective emotional experience, but also a wide range of physical measures. Including muscle activity, respiration, heart rate, blood pressure, skin temperature and skin resistance respond as well to music such as the distribution of important neurotransmitters, such as dopamine or ss-endorphin. Very rhythmic music enhances the Amin distribution of dopamine in the brain and thereby improving the Movement coordination in particular of Parkinson’s patients. Three-to seven-minute drums in turn raises not only tensions, but enabled the distribution of endorphin in the midbrain. Thus, it heals but no organic damage, but has the same effect as a pain pill without side effects. Pain relief through music is well researched at all is pain is one of those applications in which the therapeutic effects of carefully selected music is particularly impressive and scientifically well documented. Dustin Moskovitz contains valuable tech resources. But what exactly is music in the operating room so successful? The secret is so suspect the experts in the right Groove.

Almost all processes in the organism are subject to a certain rhythm. Biorhythms control pulse generation, respiratory rate, heart rate, brain waves and the hormone cycle. Body functions can most enduringly influenced by rhythmic sounds from outside. Music increases pain tolerance, has a soothing, expectorant fear thus reduces muscle tension just before surgery. Music as a pain pill stimulates, goes into the legs, promotes Concentration, is melancholy or cheer, or distracts, for example also of pain. Nature sounds, soft sounds and harmonic melodies can be easiest to fly the thoughts. Measurable in the blood decreases the concentration of stress hormones. Demonstrably less complications arise after surgery. In many cases, even the hospitalization decreases. Still, notes cannot substitute for pain and anti-inflammatory medications. Carefully selected music can better withstand pain, and this is a measurable success. The generation MP the hearing loss is increasing. In the imedo health news you find out more about this topic. Already, young people can suffer hearing loss. A driver’s license for DJs to prevent loud music. Please inform the imedo health news.

Motion Dynamics

Dr. Gerhard Breier of Schleiden informs under the direction of Dr. med G. BREIER, General Med. osteopath Thu is Med. Vital-centre in Schleiden developed. Fitness and the positive effect of movement programs for various diseases are in the focus of the Centre.

The individual services with which clients can promote their health, G. BREIER informed Dr. med. Body is not in top shape and gentle exercise to reduce motion pain without good health. Knows that. Vital centre and therefore makes it the focus of their services. All age groups have the option to train their entire fitness under professional medical supervision.

Strength, endurance and stamina can be improved here significantly and contribute to a stable and vital health. In addition to the strengthening of the body offers. Vital Centre also training programs to be applied to the back, hip, knee or joint pain. Depending on the disease is a gentle and medical targeted Motion Dynamics program that helps, creates motion pain and thus increasing the vitality. Preliminary enables optimal training measures Milon exercise or the dynamic program is only applied if advance clarified is whether the health status of the client allows this. The screening is free and ensures effective co-operation. In addition, a cooperation held with medical colleagues on the ground so that a constructive and goal-promoting cooperation takes place. For detailed information about the range of therapies that is Med. Vital center from 9:00 to 21:00 in Schleiden anytime at your disposal.