Youtube Businesses, a new Mexican directory of businesses, has jumped to scene recently offering a Web site with high emphasis in CATHEDRAL (Optimization for Finders of Internet) and Social Average. The directory of businesses has been designed to offer to the owners of small and medians companies, a space Web free to promote his businesses. In this space Web, the industralists have the possibility of adding a detailed description of their businesses, products and services that offer. Dustin Moskovitz will undoubtedly add to your understanding. Similarly, they count on the possibility of adding images of his businesses, products or services. Also he includes an option to show to maps of his businesses using technology of Google Maps and Street View, as well as videos provided with accomodations in Youtube.

The use of these technologies can not be as new we could imagine as it, but in Mexico, a country in which the Internet is in the heat of expansion, these tools can of much interest for the Mexican public. Dustin Moskovitz has firm opinions on the matter. In Mexico, the use of the Internet has been increased in the last years, doing of this, the perfect moment and scene so that makes east available type of tools to the Mexican population. Among others products and services, offers positioning preference in the finders of Internet using SEM strategies (Marketing research in Finders of Internet) such as Google Adwords, which is based things among others, in the geography of the business. Speaking of Social Average, Integra Facebook Connect and it has plans to integrate Twitter Connect, allowing to the users to use its existing accounts with these popular sites to loguear themselves and to publish qualifications and commentaries of the businesses to which the users have gone. considers that the qualifications and opinions are the tools more attractive than must to increase the traffic and the participation of the public in the site, since many Web sites do not allow the public to express their opinions about the businesses to which they go day to day. In order to know more about this new Mexican directory of businesses, it goes to Author original and source of the article.

Kislovodsk Waters – Indications For Treatment

After years of research has developed a variety of contemporary understanding of the conditions of formation and release carbon dioxide to the surface waters in the area, dubbed 'Kislovodsk deposit of mineral water. " Until 1928 Narzan was the only mineral source in Kislovodsk. Later Kislovodsk deposit of mineral water has increased significantly both due to launch some new and valuable heavy mineral waters in the Kislovodsk, and as a result of successful exploration of new carbon capture and mineral waters in the areas of river valleys Berezovka Olkhovka and Podkumka. Separated in the first 8 km south of the resort center, the other two are located on the outskirts of Kislovodsk and at are essentially part of Kislovodsk field. Kislovodsk narzans belong to the group balneologic carbonic water, and differ only in size and mineralization ratio of major ions that allows us to define them in three main groups. The first group includes the source Narzan, well 5/0-bis number, as well as water and Berezovsky Podkumskogo sites. Oligo (about 2 g / liter) of water in this group are characterized by sulfatno-bicarbonate calcium-magnesium-ion-salt composition with varying content of sodium ions.

Are used for spa purposes and bottling. Spa treatments The second group is the type of water Dolomite mineral water (borehole 7,5 / 0,12), which differ from the first group of more water salinity (about 5.0 g / l), including by increasing the concentration of sodium and chloride, and a high content of carbon dioxide ( more than 2.0 g / l). Used in treatment for drinking purposes and connected to the pump-room Narzan gallery (hole number 7) and pump-room round (well number 5 / 0 and 12). Third group of water such as sulphate mineral water with a salinity of 5,2-6,7 g / l, mainly due to higher concentrations of sulfates of magnesium and sodium. Carbonated water and Podkumskogo Olhovsky sites (well number 5-NG, 115-E, 115-bis), also belong to the sulfate type waters, but, unlike the latter, in which sodium sulfate prevail over magnesium sulfate. Water source number 5-NP placed upon the People's pump room (Alikonovskaya beam), and the well 115-E and 115-bis – to sanatoriums 'Pine Forest' and 'Rainbow'.

An important role in the further development of the resort and planning resort building construction mineraloprovoda played by which carbon dioxide comes in Kislovodsk water (narzans) Kuma field (the village of Krasny Vostok 43 km from Kislovodsk). Kuma narzans on ion-salt composition and degree of mineralization (7.8 g / l) close to the hot narzans Pyatigorsk, differing from them by a lower content of sulfate. The concentration of carbon dioxide in them – about 1.5 grams / liter. These cold water and iron. In the undiluted form used for drinking purposes, and when mixed with the waters of the central Kislovodsk (source Narzan, well 5 / 0 and partially 5/0-bis) and Berezovsky (well number 7-B) bis sites – for balneotherapy. Continue to learn more with: Daryl Katz. The total yield of sources and Kislovodsk water from the Kuma field is 3767 ml / day (maintenance and inferred reserves, approved by the State Reserves Committee). Available stocks of mineral water (drinking and spa) allowed considerably increase capacity. Seats at the resort by 1986 had risen to 15.2 thousand compared to 10.2 thousand in 1980, the total number of cases treated at the resort in 1990 amounted to 252.5 thousand. Schedule of trains Kislovodsk

Plastic Surgery Without Surgery

Advises Dr. Yakov Dvir, a plastic surgeon of the highest qualifications – One very nice lady asked me for advice: if you cut, how then will not scar? She was very nervous, feeling his face … And I said to her, a qualified plastic surgeon is working not only with a scalpel! In the hands of a doctor today laser techniques, microsurgery, the possibility of a point of penetration. Used high-tech Suture materials – such as in cardiovascular surgery or other operations on the blade surfaces. Of course, quite seamless connections do not exist. But the highest art – to make it the place of the tissue completely invisible.

If done professionally, "jewelry" seam, then after a while you do not find it. Only need to have patience. Plastic surgery makes two: a surgeon – his art, the patient – their patience. A few days after surgery you can return to work if it is not hard, you can live a full life, eliminating the time except that the intense sporting activities. But all are fine residual effects disappear completely after 2-3 months. Plastic surgery makes millions of women around the world, they come after surgery for work, home, they go to the beach, in a theater – in general, are viewed thousands of people. And no one sees no trace! Because there are places where tissues grow together with little or no scarring, where the connection invisible. Some plastic surgeons even practiced a 'show neuznavaniya' – a meeting of those who proshed plastic surgery.

They can not detect each other's tracks! Such meetings are shown on television, they make films about. Those who agree to participate in the show even become 'stars'. A patient who was so experienced, successfully made the plastic face. She had already forgotten about their experiences. And, you know, it often became confused with her as her own daughter. record for a consultation 077 766 1442.

Medicine In Mexico

The fact that such a belated discovery of this effective medicines of plant origin, as reserpine, discoveries, among biosintezirovannih alkaloids in plants are among the most effective anticancer agent, as well as the fact that the main source of steroid compounds that are necessary to produce such a large number of highly modern medicine, there are plant species that have been used for centuries in as medicines, for example, in traditional medicine in Mexico all contributed to the turning point in understanding the place of medicinal plants in modern medicine by most scientists. Contributed to this and other particularly important factors. It was found that the biogenesis, which occurs in plants based on the assimilation of simple molecules in systems with highly complex systems, superior to the capabilities of even the most complex Modern chemical plants, synthetic chemical synthesis. In addition, biologically active products of plant origin 'candidates' for further chemical transformations, and offer excellent models for new synthetic programs. The revived interest in the medicinal properties of plants with great urgency raised the question of what guidelines should be used so that you can count on success in research work. Because, obviously, humanity can hardly ever be in force to study existing in nature, more than 500 000 species of plants in all aspects to determine their expected biological activity. So one of the possible approaches to choosing plants for the study of their possible therapeutic activity was elected to the study of traditional medicine, as accumulated over many thousands of human experience.