The Organization

The rest of the study material: books, pamphlets of laboratory and computer programs, self assessment material, tables, charts, etc., as in all teaching, is the basis of success or failure. In face-to-face lessons, with a direct and permanent contact with the teacher, it is possible to carry out on-the-fly corrections, changes or amendments to both the program and the study material. In blended or non attendance plans, material must not be modified or changed, in view of the problems that this would represent, rather a severe revision of the same must be done before providing students, bearing in mind that subsequent changes do not benefit anyone 2. The Organization appears according to the diagram in annex 2 which represent the links between the Guide, text, and other materials complementary designed for this purpose in accordance with the above explanations. As annex 3 describes how to organize some materials: tables that could serve as examples of how to orient the content, here is the orientation of the module 1 physical I. The proposal of course all terrain model, is based on the use of distance education methods, and proves to be a viable subject that as paradigm allows be used in any pedagogical circumstance 6, the same levels are outlined in an official document from the Vice Presidency of teaching from the University of Granma… Final considerations: Is of enormous importance, from all points of view, whether educational, psychological, economic and social subjects Assembly all-terrain, for which there is to establish a pedagogical model consistent with the circumstances in which the process which can be the blended unfolds or remote, where there are to ensure compliance with the essential requirements of each one of them. The structure of the subjects for the acquisition of knowledge and skills change, this work proposes structures for content modules, and this in turn by courses and projects solving experimental problems in that role a transcendent the use of NICTs are inserted inside them.