Communication Behavior

After two years of work, finally we made it.We invite you to join us in l Press Association C / Juan Bravo, 6 to 19:30. Then I discuss the prologue, we thank Jos Manuel Velasco. Communication as behavior In a world wrapped in a very tight and sensitive skin and, consequently, an anesthetized dermis, individuals pursue their place in the cosmos, guided by the stimulus of pleasure to pain and rejection. His ‘planet’ is as large or as small as the size of your vision and ambition.Intended pleasure ‘Western’ as meeting the needs of esteem and achievement, and the pain and loss of a north whose coordinates are determined by prevailing social values. One of the most pressing needs of our time is precisely communication, conceived as the tool to manage relationships between individuals and the environment with which they share their innermost desires. While taken as a single being, the individual is committed to projects whose objectives are obsessively self-centered – and therefore, I would: too simple – the society has become much more complex. The authors of the book (Maria Gil-Casares, Giorgio De Marchis and Francisco Javier Spears) go to an appointment of J. Banegas to describe the consequences of that complexity has on industrial relations: “The job outlook is undergoing profound changes affecting the work and the professional.Succeeding in the New Economy requires dynamism, flexibility and creativity, but to achieve this we must begin by introducing new forms of enterprise organization. The dispersion of messages, channel diversity and fragmentation of audiences have introduced a complexity in the processes of communication, whether the target (target) inside or outside the organization. In the field of internal communication, the conventional tools and traditional methods are not sufficient to ensure the efficiency of the process, but a message is structured as a behavior. Conductivist While the theory is not sufficient to regulate relations between persons of the same entity, able to establish the momentum vectors of internal communication from the employer and employee behaviors expected of each other. The first behavior is that both seek to break this linkage of subjugation emotional labor. Identification with the project that embodies each company is key to aligning corporate and individual responsibilities. The company, through communication, must be able to transmit internal forces to their values, behaviors associated with them and the objectives pursued in each moment. And workers have to share that landscape fully aware of their mission, their expectations and the rewards they can achieve. Part of that reward is moving in the field of self-realization.