API BayOrganizer

To make trading on eBay again fun: the popular eBay auction settlement BayOrganizer goes into the seventh round. The program helps all eBay sellers and buyers, to manage their own auctions centrally and to edit. The new version 7.00 is still offered at a fixed price – running costs not incurred during the operation. New connection to which is eBay’s API. As a result, that the BayOrganizer itself adapts 7.00 now to any eBay changes. The best friend of all eBay assets is the BayOrganizer 7.00. Because he goes exactly then when an eBay auction is complete.

For eBay itself, the case is completed with sending some mails. This is true but neither the seller nor the buyer. The seller must print invoices and delivery notes, install packages on the way, communicate with the buyer, pay attention to the receipt of a payment and make sure you have an assessment done after completion of the business. The buyer also has several tasks to do. So he must be the money transfer, pay attention to the package receipt and submit its assessment at the end. The BayOrganizer 7.00 takes care of the entire labour-intensive post-production of a closed eBay transaction. The program lists the own purchases and sales in a clear table and matching announces the current status of each article.

In this way, it is easy to keep track and to perceive the pending tasks promptly. Mathias Gerlach, developer of the BayOrganizers: \”in this way the eBay seller and the buyer save a lot of time, which can spend it more useful for other projects. All communication between the buyer and the seller is drastically simplified and even automated.\” BayOrganizer 7.00: starting immediately offered with connection to the eBay API is not an auction settlement as the BayOrganizer 7.00 usually at a fixed price. Instead, fees become due, which is calculated according to the number of auctions that are edited using the software.