In addition to the one-time license cost of BayExporter no ongoing costs in relation to the imported sales. Flexible file format for the individual processing stored sales in a CSV file. This is a text file in which the data of each sale separated in a row of each stored a comma. The CSV format is the most common file format for data exchange (import/export) between applications. Almost any software that can import data that supports this format, of course Microsoft Excel.

Storage, separator – and format settings can make according to your wishes and from the large list of available data fields select the fields that you need for further processing. Data to the sold items (E.g. article number, description, listing format, available Stock number), sale (E.g. end, number, price, shipping, sales tax, payment status, selected shipping method and payment method) and the purchaser (E.g. eBay ID, name, email address, address, delivery address). Can fully automate of the transfer of BayExporter hand or regularly using the Windows Task Scheduler or available from the manufacturer Aborange scheduler run. Control parameters of views – and storage process can be fully automated. Optionally, the BayExporter can automatically launch the target application after saving the sales data and cause the import of the data.

Alternative processing with the eBay auction management BayOrganizer with the software BayOrganizer offers also an on the eBay marketplace tailored to the manufacturer of the BayExporter carefree processing tool. Around sales and purchases within a tool easily done with this can buyers and sellers all work. BayOrganizer is thus an alternative for Seller, the sale only through eBay or who want to process your eBay sales with other sales. 28 days free try out BayExporter and BayOrganizer XP and Vista work under Windows 2000, 2003,. Free 28-day trial versions (2.3 and 5.3 MB) is available on the website for downloading: products/bayexporter.php products/bayorganizer.php