Brazilian Environment

AMBIENT IMPACT CAUSED BY GARBAGE ELIZNGELA BAPTIST SAINTS PALAVRAS-CHAVE: the urban garbage. Graduated the course of biology For the College of Technology and Sciences – FTC EAD After graduating the course of ambient education For the college Amadeus (Fame) email: INTRODUCTION Amongst more serious the ambient problems the garbage is one of most serious and urgent what cause bigger sequels, as much for the environment how much for the health of the population. The garbage became one of the great concerns of sanitary and ambient order of the mayors of all the Brazilian cities. They are of responsibility of the city the urban cleanness, the domiciliary collection and the final destination of the garbage, each one of these phases involves many employees and equipment, finishes having difficulty with the service, due to lack of resources.

The uncultivated garbage that if it accumulates in the public ways, lots and lixes produce the proliferation of noxious animals and transmitting of illnesses, polui the ground, air and the sheet d’ water, makes it difficult draining of streams in the winterly period causing damages to the system of pluvial water draining provoking many times floodings and collapses. Unhappyly, the cities have not supported to load the pack that them has been tax and do not adopt the adequate measures or exactly advisable not to provoke or the least to minimize the ambient damages. How much the question of solid residues and for the precarious service of cleanness that cause ambient impacts and damages to the health of the population and its neighborhoods. Ambient impact must be understood as a disequilibrium provoked for the action of the man on the environment, according to Brazilian Legislation (Resolution CONAMA 001, of 23.01.1986) considers ambient impact, ‘ ‘ any alteration of the physical, chemical and biological properties of the environment caused for which wants form of substance or resultant energy of the activities human beings who direct indirectly, affect: I? the health, the security and the welfare of the population; II the social and economic activities; III? the aesthetic and sanitary conditions of the environment; V? the quality of the resources ambientais’ ‘ The ambient question comes being widely argued since the society was despertada in result of the destruction of the diverse natural resources of ours planeta.MOURA (2002, P.