Crimea Caravanning

We have combined in this review are quite different styles of holiday, which developed in the Crimea: hich-hiking (free travel without money and with little things) – I've always written that we have fellow travelers do not take no money, but yet the drivers of Europe (there are quite a few runs during the summer between Sevastopol, Yalta, Alushta and Bakhchisarai) and take the hippies and punks can feed on the way, and also give money! travel by public transport (which is now in the Crimea does simple and inexpensive all routes, for example from Koktebel on Kazantip or from Yalta to Feodosiya along the coast); cheap holidays in campsites, which arrive on buses or cars, which are storage everything you need, including wood and moonshine (particularly those characterized by the Belarusians who downloaded native potatoes and lard their solid jeeps, and Moldovans are pulling money instead of heaps of 'bartering' – bras and shoes in the monstrous bales on the roofs of not less horrendous in its old buses); trailering excursion with a stop in an apartment costing hundreds of dollars a day, well, and probably something else – in fact, putting this review in the Internet the main goal has not so much to share our information, how to build a new. Mobile forms of recreation and tourism, the more independent, without permits, are now the least understood. Although in the past, and now they play a major role in the Crimea. And given the strong traditions of Soviet and even stronger unwillingness to pay market intermediaries, mobile recreation without permits is important perspectives, including investment. But for We need to understand what has pleased and displeased with another mobile than people, as he wants to live, eat and have fun, roaming around the Crimea, as we keep that money and take away with him as a perpetual temptation to return to us again and again. The road network is beginning to take shape in the Crimea, about 2.5 thousand years ago, which is significantly different from the other regions of the former Soviet Union. An important feature of the Crimea is the fact that he was the province of various empires, as well as land that formed a lot of public entities. Each era created its transportation network, and each of them has left us desolate stretches of road in the deserted, pristine, scenic locations, with an abundance of natural and historical attractions.

In the first centuries AD the Romans paved military road through the mountains (Via Militare), related to their garrison in the fortress Kharaks (below the Swallow's Nest, Big Yalta) and the Bay of characters (the current Balaklava). It is believed that this bay described in Homer 'Odyssey', talking about lestrigonov. Crimean Mountains throughout the Middle Ages had a greater than now, the density population and high marketability of agriculture and handicrafts. In those days there was an extensive network of trails the pack, most of which then lost its economic sense and has not been mastered for the construction of the highway. Now, these trails are ideal for mountain biking.