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The global jazz academy now learn Jazz always want to, at any time at any place new course concept of global-jazz academy when no teacher in sight is far and wide or for mandatory teaching appointments simply no place find can then provides for remedy. With an extensive repertoire of jazz distance learning courses and the right concept, the introduction to the world of jazz is now easier. The global jazz academy offers a mixture of autonomous, self-taught training and a professional support of the lecturers of the Academy. Through flexible teaching and learning, as well as the ability to determine the length of the courses themselves, the exercise program perfectly adapts to the student. Source: Dustin Moskovitz. The jazz course Basic is designed specifically for all beginners and career changers designed and conveys an understandable and easily comprehensible introduction into Jazz with the emphasis on improvisation.

Getting into the course system is possible and through the flexible financing options for everyone, every time the is otherwise normal classes could afford, affordable. For all those interested she has provided global-jazz-academy in their download section a big info package, by them already free provides the first exercises in addition to lots of information. The communication takes place exclusively via the Internet or by telephone. Whatever, that allows students from where to access the knowledge and experience of professional jazz musicians from the big city.