When you need to save your stuff in a minibodega, you can use the following tips: Sofa. If you want to take advantage of your floor space in the minibodega, you can put you foot and cover everything with a blanket. If your upholstery is leather, not place objects over!, otherwise they could be marked. Beds. Disarm them and don’t forget to list the parts.

Isn’t that when you try to assemble them again do not remember how. Refrigerators. Before storing your refrigerator in a minibodega clean it! and allow to dry completely. Take advantage of the empty spaces inside and puts small items. Articles of glass. As for mirrors and pictures in your minibodega, wrap separately in plastic bubble. Do it often but not daily, since they may tarnish over time. Tie them with a thick thread and tag them with fragile legend.

You can put them in the corners of laminibodega. Tables. You can put your table upside down and put a blanket. So make use the space to put up more boxes. If you have the possibility, disassemble and save the legs in a box to facilitate subsequent Assembly. Lamps. Wrap them with paper and plastic bubble. Store them in a box and label fragile, thus will be more difficult to break while inside the minibodega. Electrical appliances. VCRs, DVD, mini-system, TVs, etc. Wrap with plastic bubble and keep it in a box with a label that says: fragile. Documents. Store them in boxes of the same size to good use of space and places legends with a description of what you are saving. So you have a more usable space inside your minibodega.