Mother Superior

And I can not avoid a little desire to go back to her room and find out once which has been the whereabouts of his cute and delicate body. It is not difficult to find the hole that gives to your bedroom. Or enter. But it is not possible! there! bed! there is she! and is alive! but how? I do not know. But I had never felt so immense relief.

Sees me, and jump of the bed running towards me, giving a huge scream, and with a smile on his face: Yosira! Hello!. Leans a little to see my eyes closely: Hello! Are you well?, Yes, I’m better. What good that you came. I wanted to teach something, a few horrifying sounds coming from outside the room interrupt the girl, and capture our curiosity. Us peep a little, and in the Hall we can see to the two ladies who already had I seen in that room.

This time were crying with a lot more force: Mother Superior, this cannot be. How did this happen? Who is responsible for so horrible do tragedy?, calm down, Professor. I assure you that we soon find out it. We have already informed the police. There is nothing to fear., but who would be so heartless to commit this atrocity?, that will soon know it. For now, it is best that other girls are not aware of this. We must not scare them., but her friends don’t they deserve at least dismiss it?, of course not! By very inhumane as it may seem, we can not risk to panic to invade them. They are just girls! Would not tolerated this., and what will we do then?, will tell Les that to Alexandra, they have taken it already. But his new family came from far away, and therefore had to leave in haste. He had no time to say goodbye In other words, they have killed it! Insurance that will appear on the front page tomorrow!, have already said you you calme! The death of this small is a sad fact, he is right.